Teenage Wrist return with new single – Silverspoon

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in News on August 12, 2020

The track is the first release for the band since their 2019 EP, Counting Flies.

Modern alternative band Teenage Wrist just has released their first work since their 2019 Counting Flies EP. The track “Silverspoon” introduced the band as a duo, with Marshall Gallagher (guitar, vocals), and Anthony Salazar (drums) pressing on.

A brilliant balance of metallic melody, “Silverspoon” was produced by by Colin Brittain (Basement, A Day To Remember, Papa Roach). Offering insight into complacency in relationships, the release also provides a glimpse at the direction of the band with regards to their forthcoming record.

“’Silverspoon’” is a song we’ve had in the bank for several years now,” explains vocalist and guitarist Marshall Gallagher, “something I started before we even wrote all of ‘Chrome Neon Jesus’.  We made a few changes to fill up the blank space, and it ended up poking its head out during the recording process this spring. Originally, we thought it was going to be the last track on the record, kind of a deep sleeper, but everyone ended up loving it so much by the end that it got bumped to single number one.”

Check the visualizer for “Silverspoon” from Teenage Wrist below.