The Nascar Aloe visual for the ‘Battery Clash Ego Bite’ EP is stylistically sadistic

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in News on November 11, 2020

Ultra-violent and undeniably inventive, Nascar Aloe’s EP and visual are daring, dangerous, and downright demented.

Last week, Nascar Aloe dropped a three track EP in Battery Clash Ego Bite! via Deathproof Inc.

The potent blend of low end 808-distortion, ultra-violence soaked swag, and eerie lo-fi malaise is articulated in a concise three-tracks, that playout over the course of just five very compelling minutes.

Coupled with the EP is an especially deranged visual directed by Nascar Aloe and cohort SilasTheGod. Depicting a helpless victim meeting his ultimate fate at the hands of an unhinged, cleaver-wielding Aloe, the madman looks to be disposing of his handiwork all the while brandishing an ear-to-ear grin that can induce chills.

The provocative production is just another example of why Nascar Aloe is resonating so well among his more ardent fans. Tapping into an element of danger, combined with a knack for being accessible only to those in the know, Nascar Aloe genre-bending brand of agitation is addicting.

Listen to Battery Clash Ego Bite!HERE

Watch the visual for Battery Clash Ego Bite! below.