The Walking Dead unveils eerie teaser for the 11th and final season of the series

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in News on April 5, 2021

The 24-episode final season will begin airing on AMC starting August 22nd and extend well into 2022.

AMC put the finishing touches on the long drawn out 10th season of their generational hit The Walking Dead with the episode, ‘Here’s Negan’ – a truly compelling offering of television that reminded fans of just why the show has managed to endure as a hit for such a long time.

The episode provided a brilliant look into the psyche of the pseudo-villain Negan – from the origin of his beloved weapon of choice in Lucille, to the demise of his cancer-stricken wife, the episode’s brutality is offset by the kind of love that exists between Negan and his better half. No superlative, it’s a pretty brutal episode.

The season finale also established the groundwork of what will be the show’s 11th and final season. Negan’s respectful relationship with Carol, seemed to no longer be something that will protect him from the scornful wrath of Maggie, who remains deadset on avenging the death her husband and baby daddy Glenn in what seems like ages ago.

AMC also took advantage of the captive audience and revealed an especially eerie teaser trailer that provides a thirty second glimpse of the tone of the season finale. The voiceover audio chimes, “If you’re not a threat then you have nothing to worry about.” Using still images instead of show footage, the overview of the finale seems hints more at the climate of the last season rather than any particular story line.

However, fans will not have to wait long to explore the end as the final season will begin airing episodes in August. Production began back in February and while the show had been sidelined in the past due to Covid concerns, it seems as though everything is on track for the grand exit come this Summer.

Watch the teaser trailer for the 11th and final season of The Walking Dead below.