Beartooth capture their triumphant homecoming with the release of the live visual for "Riptide" - Knotfest

Beartooth capture their triumphant homecoming with the release of the live visual for “Riptide”

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in Uncategorized on September 13, 2022

Filmed during the band’s Columbus, Ohio amphitheater show last month, the video showcases the live spectacle, the massive production, and the hometown love Beartooth have spent years cultivating.

Last month, anthemic rock powerhouse Beartooth completed an important, full circle moment in a career brimming with accolades. Holding court in their hometown of Columbus, Ohio, the band performed at the Kemba Live amphitheater in front of a sold out crowd of thousands.

What made the show especially significant apart from the live spectacle that included plenty of pyrotechnics, synchronized fireworks and Co2 cannons that looked like columns onstage, was the revelry in the performance. Columbus was where Beartooth began, first cultivating their reputation as a band that left everything onstage and steadily building a base of believers with each purging live performance.

Photo by Brad Heaton

Following the stall of the pandemic and the threat of live music as we all knew it, coupled with the conquest that Beartooth completed with the successful release of their lauded full length Below, this homecoming translated as more of a coronation, a victory lap for a band that has been putting in the work for years to get to the top of mountain and now, have reiterated their arrival.

Beartooth architect Caleb Shomo reflected back on the weight of the homecoming show in Columbus and how it has resulted in a change in trajectory for the band moving forward.

Photo by Brad Heaton

“Headlining in Columbus is always really special. It’s something we do a surprisingly small amount but when we do it, we always try and make sure it is the biggest and best Beartooth show of absolutely all time. And I feel like the show we just did at Kemba was the pinnacle of what we have ever done live. But it took a long time to get there. We’ve been plugging away at the Columbus market since our very first show ever and to have a sold out crowd at the amphitheater was really amazing.

We were able to do as much fire as we could physically put into that venue. We got to work with an amazing radio station, our local station 99.7 The Blitz which really helped out us out. We ended up selling out the whole place. It was one of the craziest nights of our entire lives. And I already cannot wait for the next one. Some of the plans we are already making for things in the future are going to be REALLY crazy and they defintirly couldn’t have happened without the show we just did at Kemba. So I am very ready. Let’s take the next step and let’s make it huge.”

Regional buyer Adam Vanchoff of PromoWest has been working with band for years. He detailed watching the progression of Beartooth in real time, seeing the band grow from the small club show grind, to the amphitheater headliner in front of thousands of passionate fans. “We have been promoting Beartooth shows since they were playing our 300-cap room, The Basement. One of things we pride ourselves on at Promowest is growing a band through the venues. Beartooth is a great example. Their electric fanbase shows up every year louder and ready to rock with one of Columbus’s top active rock bands. Before the pandemic we had a great show with them indoors at Kemba LIVE. They sold out the room, and I remember Tom (Beartooth’s manager) telling me we were going big on the next show. From that moment til this past show, everything he predicted came true.  It was an incredible spectacle of a show that sold out the outdoor space. I look forward to what is to come with Beartooth as they continue to grow in the market.”

Photo by Brad Heaton

Capturing the pageantry and power of the landmark moment, Beartooth has revealed a stunning live visual for their newest single, Riptide. Having released the surprise single just a month prior to the performance, few new songs land with the kind of effectiveness and this and in a visual that showcases all of the production spectacle you could want in a rock live rock video, the real spectacle is seeing thousands of fans sing the lyrics to a brand new song in unison with the band like it was one of their greatest hits.

Watch the victorious homecoming directed by Alan Bremner below.

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