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Mandatory Jams – The best new music of the week 7/30

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in Uncategorized on July 30, 2021

New releases from Jinjer, Rivers of Nihil, Cradle of Filth, Turnstile, Dee Snider and Jerry Cantrell.

Dee Snider – “Down But Never Out” (Napalm Records)

Rock icon Dee Snider is celebrating the release of his fifth full length in Leave A Scar and proves especially powerful on his third single from the album in “Down But Never Out.” The combination of Snider’s presence as a frontman, the conviction in his message, and the production prowess of Jamey Jasta makes for a track that gives a legend a fresh new platform. Snider has classic records and now is equally important as a contemporary contributor to metal music – this album underscores that.

Jerry Cantrell – “Atone”

The lead single from Jerry Cantrell’s forthcoming solo album, Brighten, sees the venerated guitarist, songwriter, and Alice In Chains founder melding his ominously melodic signature with a bit of spaghetti western swagger. Inspired by is love of Ennio Morricone scores and Sergio Leone movies, “Atone” is said to be an idea that has been developing for Cantrell for some two decades and has now come to fruition. Cantrell’s ability to make such forbidding music with a true sense of artistic finesse makes for a cut that is score worth itself. It’s cinematic, its dark, it’s unmistakably Cantrell.

Cradle of Filth – “Crawling King Chaos” (Nuclear Blast Records)

Dani Filth reasserts why he has been a fixture in the world of extreme music for some three decades with the introduction of his 13 full length album with Cradle of Filth in, Existence Is Futile. The introductory cut in “Crawling King Chaos” boasts all of the requisite criteria of a proper Cradle crusher. Filth’s sinister squeals tower atop subtle symphonic elements and bolstered by the maniacal charge of occult-indulgent extremity. Armed with an uncanny ability to make nihilism entertaining, Cradle makes an emphatic return with this one.

Jinjer – “Mediator” (Napalm Records)

Ukrainian groove metal standouts Jinjer have shared the second single from their upcoming fourth full length and suffice to say, “Mediator” packs a wallop. With precision percussion and technically-driven string work on full display, front woman Tatiana Shmayluk transitions from clean vocals to charged growls in a throughly electrifying sample. The band’s brand of dynamic heft underscores why the album is set to be one of the most anticipated of the year.

Turnstile – “Blackout” (Roadrunner Records)

Prepping for their highly-anticipated full length Glow On set to arrive later next month, Baltimore hardcore champions Turnstile prove why they are among the most in-demand outfits in aggressive music. Their lates single in “Blackout” is an infectious, energetic good time that manages to convey real release without the contrived angst that came often weigh down the tunes. Simply put, the track is fun and yet that descriptor shouldn’t detract from the fact that there is some real artistic merit layered throughout. For god sakes, who else can incite a wave of stage dives and proudly feature the tambourine in the same song but Turnstile?!

Rivers of Nihil – “Clean” (Metal Blade Records)

PA’s Rivers of Nihil continue to defy category and provide cripplingly heavy examples of their artistry with tracks like “Clean”. The first sampling from their upcoming LP ‘The Work,’ the six-minute epic is runs the stylistic gamut – complete with fiery instrumental bursts, sinister snarls, and an audio ebb and flow that create a real crescendo in a track that exceeds superlative. Regardless of your preference when it comes to heavy music, Rivers of Nihil deliver such an impressive product, it’s impossible to ignore what they do.