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New Flesh: Releases from Funeral, We Are The Catalyst and More!

Posted by Corinne Westbrook in Uncategorized on December 10, 2021

Tech death, cold doom and spacey disco synth comprise some of this week’s fresh new cuts.

This week’s metal releases reflect the season with icy doom, weirdly fantastic sci-fi, and the ever necessary death metal…

Alpha Bootis – Science Fiction-Double Feature – Space Disco Synth Metal

Sci-Fi story fueled Alpha Bootis have combined their two previous EPs Jump to Alpha Bootis and Stowaway Ants into one full-length extraterrestrial extravaganza! Combining rock music, theatrical soundscapes and sonic effects akin to a 1980s arcade, Alpha Bootis have crafted something both nostalgic in its appeal and unique in its approach.

Get your copy HERE

Dessiderium – Aria – Technical Death Metal

Only five songs, but those five songs are an hour’s worth of emotive guitars, somber vocals, and thundering drums that melds together prog and black metal for something stunning. This is an album you can absolutely get lost in and forget that you’ve spent an hour listening to it. 

Get your copy HERE.

Funeral – Praesentialis in Aeternum – Doom Metal

Agony and pain, frosty orchestration and composition, this is a winter album if there ever was one. As one of the stalwarts of funeral doom, the aptly named Funeral put out their own distinct signature with Praesentialis In Aeternum. The album is a long processing through the ice with a smattering of ferocity and epic gothic gloom. 

Get your copy HERE

Malignant Altar – Realms of Exquisite Morbidity

Death metal die-hards will love these brutal new kids on the block. Delightfully guttural vocals, furious drums and the balance of slow, headbang worthy moments bring back that classic death metal sound.

Get your copy HERE

There’s A Light – f̶o̶r̶ ̶w̶h̶a̶t̶ ̶m̶a̶y̶ ̶I ̶h̶o̶pe̶? for what must we hope? – Post Rock

There’s a Light is one of the calmer moments of the week, but they’re no less stunning. An ebb and flow of quiet introspective moments and soaring, grandiose moments, the album itself is an odyssey of sound. 

Get your copy HERE.

We Are The Catalyst – Perseverance – Alternative Metal

This album is an absolute blast! Catchy yet still technically intricate, We Are The Catalyst  combine Alternative Metal, Pop Metal, and Dark Rock into a unique blend with a strong modern feel. The album is filled with both light and darkness, hope and despair, heavy riffs, and infectious choruses.

Get your copy HERE

And some more stuff out today….

  • Agarthic – The Inner Side (Frontiers Music Srl) – Symphonic metal
  • Age Of Wolves – Age Of Wolves (Pitch Black) – Hard rock
  • Atlas – UKKO (Long Branch Records) – Metalcore
  • Bloodrust – A Legacy of Violence (Self-released) – Death metal
  • Cadaveric Fumes – Echoing Chambers Of Soul (Blood Harvest) – Death metal
  • Cap Outrun – High On Deception (Frontiers) – Progressive
  • Catacomb – Back To Unknown Kadath (Xenokorp) – Death metal
  • Dark Sky Burial – Omnis Cum In Tenebris Praesertim Vita Laboret (Extrinsic) – Ambient 
  • Ethereal Shroud – Trisagion (Self-released) – Atmospheric black metal/funeral doom
  • Fear Of Domination – VI: Revelation (Out Of Line Music) – Industrial
  • Final Coil – Somnambulant II (Wormholedeath) – Alternative/progressive
  • Green Day – BBC Sessions (Warner) – Rock/pop punk
  • Hammerdrone – A Trinity of Rage (Self-released) – Black/progressive metal
  • Hogtooth – You Can’t Handle The Tooth (Wormholedeath) – Heavy metal/hard rock
  • Hundredth – Welcome to Somewhere Nowhere (Self-released) – Shoegaze/alternative
  • Inherits the Void – Monolith of Light (Avantgarde Music) – Atmospheric black metal
  • Joan Avant – Dies Irae (Red Masque Records) – Symphonic metal
  • Land Of Gypsies – Land Of Gypsies (Frontiers) – Hard rock
  • Andrew Lee – Heavy Metal Shrapnel (Nameless Grave Records) – Shred
  • Lifelost – Punitive Damnation (self-released) – Black metal
  • Lord Of The Lost – The Sacrament Of Judas DVD/CD (Napalm) – Gothic metal
  • Mercury X – Imprisoned (Frontiers) – Progressive metal
  • Mordom – Cry Of The Dying World (Transylvanian Recordings) – Death metal/doom
  • The Murder Of My Sweet – A Gentleman’s Legacy (Frontiers) – Symphonic/gothic metal
  • Nashville Pussy – Eaten Alive (MVD) – Live southern rock
  • Noxis/Cavern Womb – Communion of Corrupted Minds (Rotted Life Records) – Death metal
  • Perseide – The Only Thing (Wormholedeath) – Alternative metal
  • Perfect Plan – Live At The Sharpener’s House (Frontiers) – Melodic rock/AOR
  • Phrenelith – Chimaera (Nuclear Winter Records) – Death metal
  • Psilocybe Larvae – Where Silence Dwells (Self-released) – Melodic death metal/doom
  • Pyrexia – Gravitas Maximus (Unique Leader Records) – Slam/death metal
  • Rat King – Santa Hipocresía (Within The Mind Records) – Death metal/grindcore
  • Restless Spirit – Blood of the Old Gods (Lifesblood Records) – Stoner/doom
  • Reveal – Doppelherz (Sepulchral Voice Productions) – Blackened thrash
  • Rising Insane – Afterglow (Long Branch Records) – Metalcore/post-hardcore
  • Rope Sect – Proskynesis (Iron Bonehead Productions) – Darkwave/post-punk
  • Siamese – Home (Long Branch Records) – Metalcore
  • Stahlmann – Quarz (AFM) – Neue Deutsche Härte
  • Stonetrip – Stonetrip EP (Golden Robot) – Hard rock
  • Thirty Fates – Circus Black (Rockshots Records) – Heavy metal
  • Vahrzaw – The Trembling Voices of Conquered Men (Transcending Obscurity Records) – Blackened death metal
  • Zelbo – In My Dreams (Frontiers) – Melodic rock

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