Patrick Kindlon of Drug Church talks fearlessness and aging gracefully in heavy music - Knotfest

Patrick Kindlon of Drug Church talks fearlessness and aging gracefully in heavy music

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in Uncategorized on May 2, 2022

The frontman speaks candidly with Colin Young about the trajectory of the band, their relationship with Pure Noise Records and how he has one heavy record left in the tank.

Knotfest’s own Colin Young broke bread with Patrick Kindlon of Albany’s post-hardcore collective Drug Church for a conversation that touched on fear, confrontation and how the balance of the two plays into the band’s most recent Pure Noise Records full length, Hygiene.

The joking banter between friends Kindlon and Young dove into their shared sense of confrontation and how their tendency to speak their mind likely could have gotten them into some trouble, but has also become a great quality when it comes to their craft.

The guys also got into the idea of fear and the notion of failure. For Kindlon, he confided that because he has experienced failure many times, that has created a kind of tough skin that allows him to operate creatively without a sense of fear – a great quality to have when you are bearing your soul nightly onstage.

Speaking with the same candor, Kindlon explained the kind of skepticism he had in signing with the band’s label, Pure Noise Records. Despite the hold out, the frontman explained that the relationship has been a reciprocal one – confiding that while Drug Church was a good band before their signing, the success of Hygiene has certainly been supported by their team at the label.

The guys then get into the idea of aging gracefully in the space of small-room guitar-driven music. Showing a real sense of self-awareness, Kindon talked about wanting to make that one very aggressive album. because he feels there is a shrinking window of time for him to do it and still look appropriate in doing so. Citing a band like Sick Of It All as the rarity, he explained that not many bands if any at all can be the veterans of their space and still swing heavy like Sick Of It All.

As for the one Drug Church song that Kindon would recommend as an introduction for the Knotfest audience, he explains that “World Impact” has the kind of heft that translates best for optimum head-nodding and in-person pitting.

Stream the interview in full below.

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