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Release Radar: New Releases From 200 Stab Wounds, Vended & More!

Posted by Corinne Westbrook in Uncategorized on November 12, 2021

get the lowdown on new music arriving from death metal stalwarts like Unleashed, hardcore pulverizers Bailer, and the highly-anticipated debut of Des Moines destructors, Vended.

This week we have a little something for everyone from straight up grimy death metal, to thrash, to some nostalgic nu metal…

200 Stab Wounds – Slave To The Scalpel – Death Metal

Start your weekend off the right way with some grimy, dirty, all around bludgeoning death metal! 200 Stab Wounds bring every blood soaked riff, nasty snares and as much heavy as you can handle. With about the blackest sense of humor you can get, the death metal quartet may not be reinventing the wheel, but they don’t need to. 

Pick up your copy HERE

Bailer –  Disposable Youth – Harcore

Irish harcore outfit Bailer deliver a hefty dose of angst and rage on their debut full-length. Holding all the hallmarks of hardcore, Bailer goes beyond with their gritty bass tones and unrelenting high energy vocals. 

Pick up your copy HERE

Bonded – Into Blackness – Thrash

Do you love thrash? Do you want more trash? Well Bonded delivers! The Germany based thrash outfit unleashed their debut in 2020 and are back with even more shreddy solos, aggressive rhythms and classic era headbanging goodness. 

Pick up your copy HERE

Darkwoods My Betrothed – Angel Of Carnage Unleashed – Black Metal

I remember when everyone complained about the time it took for Tool to release a new album. Darkwoods My Betrothed have been absent for 23 YEARS! But they have returned with something beyond worth the wait. Angel of Carnage unleashed is an extremely emotive black metal album delving deep into Finnish history The Great Northern War (1700-1721). 

Pick up your copy HERE

Unleashed – No Sign Of Life – Death Metal

With a more thrash approach to death metal with some blackened bits worked throughout, Unleashed takes a unique approach to death metal. They are also master story-tellers, creating a complete world within their albums. Suitable for those that want to dig deep as well as those that just want to throw down in the pit. 

Pick up your copy HERE

Vended – What Is It/Kill It – Nu Metal

The highly anticipated album from Slipknot progeny Vended boasts a solid amount of groove, wrath with solid nu metal roots. Featuring Corey Taylor’s son Griffin Taylor and Shawn Crahan’s son Simon Crahan, Vended definitely flexes their music DNA, while carving their own path forward.

Also dropping today…

  • All Hail The Yeti – Within The Hollow Earth (Minus Head) – Heavy Metal
  • Ars Magna Umbrae – Throne Between Worlds (I, Voidhanger Records) – Atmospheric black metal
  • Astrophobos – Corpus (Triumvirate Records) – Black metal
  • Beatallica – The Devolver Album (Metal Assault) – Thrashups
  • Black Soul Horde – Horrors from the Void (Self-released) – Heavy/power metal
  • Blood Sport – Hot Blood And Cold Steel (Gates Of Hell Records) – Speed metal
  • Bloodlines – Hevel (Facedown Records) – Metalcore
  • Burial Waves – Holy Ground (Dark Operative) – Post-hardcore/post-rock
  • Cân Bardd – Devoured by the Oak (Northern Silence Productions) – Atmospheric folk/black metal
  • Cave Bastard – Wrath of the Bastard (Antrum Records) – Sludge
  • Curse of Denial – The Reckoning (Redefining Darkness Records) – Death/black metal
  • Dawn Of Solace – Flames Of Perdition (Noble Demon) – Gothic metal/doom
  • Devil Electric – Godless (Kozmik Artifactz) – Doom/stoner
  • Dold Vorde Ens Navn – Mørkere (Lupus Lounge) – Black metal
  • Electric Guitars – Freewheeler (Mighty Music) – Hard rock
  • Enuff Z’Nuff – Hardrock Nite (Frontiers) – Hard rock
  • Eyes Wide Open – Through Life And Death (Arising Empire) – Melodic death metal
  • Groundbreaker – Soul To Soul (Frontiers) – Melodic rock/AOR
  • HammerFall – Renegade 2.0 DVD/CD (Nuclear Blast) – Power metal
  • Haunt – Unplugged Vol.1 (Iron Grip/Church Recordings) – Unplugged thrash/heavy metal
  • Hyperdontia – Hideous Entity (Dark Descent Records) – Death metal
  • Insania – V (Praeparatus Supervivet) (Frontiers) – Power metal
  • Kanaan – Earthbound (Jansen Records) – Stoner
  • L.A. Guns – Checkered Past (Frontiers) – Glam/hard rock
  • Monument Of Misanthropy – Unterweger (Transcending Obscurity Records) – Brutal death metal
  • NorthTale – Eternal Flame (Nuclear Blast) – Power metal
  • Nova Spei – Sequentis (Bam&Co. Heavy) – Progressive metal
  • Obscura Qalma – Apotheosis (Rising Nemesis Records) – Blackened death metal
  • Phantom Druid – The Downward Slope (Off the Record) – Doom/stoner
  • Pridelands – Light Bends (SharpTone) – Metalcore
  • Rise Against – Nowhere Sessions EP (Loma Vista) – Punk
  • Scattered Hamlet – Stereo Overthrow (Buck Moon Productions) – Heavy metal/punk
  • Show-Ya – Showdown (Metalville) – Heavy metal/hard rock
  • Signum Draconis – The Divine Comedy: Inferno (Rockshots Records) – Heavy metal opera
  • Sijjin – Sumerian Promises (Sepulchral Voice Records) – Death metal/thrash
  • Silent Planet – Iridescent (Solid State) – Metalcore
  • Suffocation – Live In North America (Nuclear Blast) – Death Metal
  • Timechild – And Yet It Moves (Mighty Music) – Hard rock
  • Tower – Shock to the System (Cruz del Sur Music) – Heavy metal
  • The Unity – The Devil You Know – Live (SPV/Steamhammer) – Melodic metal
  • Vomit The Soul – Cold (Unique Leader Records) – Brutal death metal

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