VMan praises the production expertise of Joe Barresi on Slipknot's 'The End, So Far' - Knotfest

VMan praises the production expertise of Joe Barresi on Slipknot’s ‘The End, So Far’

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in Uncategorized on October 12, 2022

Celebrating the band’s most recent number 1 album, the bassist shared how working with the legendary producer was everything he had hoped for and more.

Ahead of Slipknot’s Roadshow finale in Southern California, the band’s bassist Vman, checked in for a conversation with journalist and Knotfest.com contributor Ryan J. Downey. With only a week having passed since the highly-anticipated release of Slipknot’s The End, So Far, the discussion began on a celebratory note, with the band tallying their third number 1 album in the UK and reaching the top of the charts in various international regions.

Among the talking points of the chat included kudos on the accomplishment of reaching number 1 – no small feat given the kind of music Slipknot performs and some discussion about how the achievement matters, but isn’t the biggest motivator for most artists.

Photo by Steve Rose

The guys also touched on VMan’s earned reputation as the “Grillmaster” on tour – a distinction the musician got from regularly cooking for the bands and crew while out on the road. Vamn explained that his crew background gives him a unique appreciation for the kind of labor that goes into executing a show like Slipknot’s night in and night out. Spending hours on the grill, holding court with a few drinks, some quality tunes and plenty to eat is VMan’s way of making sure he takes care of the team – taking hospitality cues from the likes of Pantera and likely the most ingratiating host ever in Dimebag Darrell.

The conversation then turned towards the new album and the practicality of piecing together a set list from a catalog that is so deep. VMan explained the balance of wanting to integrate new songs into the set, while being firmly aware of the fans’ need to experience the classics. He added that as the album has time to marinate with the maggots, Slipknot will be able to introduce more of the new material into their live set. He also shared that given the added instrumental elements of the record, recreating those songs live will take some added planning.

VMan also spoke of the personnel that made a profound impact on the record, offering the highest praise for producer Joe Barresi. Citing his body of work that spans from Tool to Melvins, VMan shared how he was eager to work with the veteran and quickly saw his expertise in action. Detailing Barresi’s ability to hone in on sounds, understand the artist’s direction and nurture that, VMan spoke glowingly of the experience. He even revealed that during the recording of “Adderall” Justin Chancellor of Tool loaned him his bass to ensure the sound was just right.

Photo by Steve Rose

(In a bit of Slipknot trivia, VMan also added that the drum kit the band used while recording We Are Not Your Kind was also the drum kit used during the recording of Metallica’s Black Album.)

The exchange would touch on Slipknot’s highly-anticipated, still to be determined return to the UK, how VMan staves of getting rusty by playing routinely and his passion for guitar building. The complete conversation from the Knotfest Roadshow finale can be streamed below.

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