Vended aim to make a lasting impression during their appearance at Pulse of the Maggots Festival

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in Mosh Talks on November 9, 2020

The emerging Iowa outfit are posted to make one hell of an introduction for their first virtual festival appearance ever.

Hate. Chaos. Hunger.

These are the characteristics of an emerging band on the right trajectory.

For Iowa’s Vended, the opportunity to make a proper introduction for their upcoming Pulse of the Maggots appearance is something that visibly excites the young crew of musicians. Converging as a loose collective of budding talents that all had their own musical influences and identities, the quartet is now a collaborative effort that is crafting an exciting meld of aggressive rock that attempts to bottle the kind of energy that comes with youth an genuine enthusiasm.

In a recent feature on Mosh Talks with journalist Terry Bezer, the band shared their thoughts just prior to their first virtual festival appearance ever. Frontman Griffin Taylor confided that after filming their performance that he got emotional, worried that his showing wasn’t going to be what he had hoped.

It’s those kinds of early jitters that become great stories as bands look back at some of their earliest, most formative moments. That kind of emotional investment isn’t indicative of a band that casually likes making music, it;’sm reserved for the band’s that live and breathe the culture. For that reason, Vended seems an especially exciting prospect.

Watch the band’s interview with Beez on Mosh Talks ahead of their appearance for November 13th’s Pulse of the Maggots Festival.