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“Chaos Reigns” With The Browning’s New Single

Posted by Corinne Westbrook in News on November 12, 2021

Labeled “doomy, dystopian and apocalyptic, the music from End of Existence is living up to it’s name.

The Browning is unleashing dystopian hell on their new track “Chaos Reigns” from their upcoming album End of Existence out December 3rd via Spinefarm. 

Written, performed, recorded, engineered and mixed by The Browning’s mastermind Jonny McBee, End of Existence is 12 tracks of the classic electrified, guttural, gut punches we know and love from The Browning. 

McBee has labeled the music “doomy, dystopian, and apocalyptic.”  He comments: “Early on, I knew I was going to write the heaviest Browning body of work there was. I needed a theme to fit the heaviness and darkness of the music though. Since I was really happy in my personal life, it had to have a fictional plot. For me, this was about creating a universe.”

“Chaos Reigns” is a supernova of electronics, blast beats, and gnarly detuned guitars, with a solid cinematic opening. The grandiose nature of the track only adds to the ferocity and does, indeed, rain chaos down. 

End of Existence is out December 3rd. You can pick up a copy HERE.

The Browning have been working to end our existence since 2011 with Burn This World. Their subsequent albums Hypernova and Isolation, and Geist built upon that success. With the pandemic, McBee dove into creating in the absence of touring. He built a tiny house for his wife and newborn daughter and wrote and recorded End of Existence at home. Over the course of the ensuing year, he took advantage of the extra time to perfect it, playing every instrument, and producing. 

End of Existence Tracklist: 

“End Of Existence”



“Gott ist Tot”




“Chaos Reigns”

“No Man Can Become A God”

“Death Warp”