KNITRO - There's A Woman With A Cane! (Ep 5 - Oct 3, 1995) - Knotfest

KNITRO – There’s A Woman With A Cane! (Ep 5 – Oct 3, 1995)

Posted by Matt Rushton in Videos on May 22, 2023

KNITRO this week sees a dream match main event with Macho Man vs. Lex Luger plus an insane segment with Hulk Hogan, The Giant and a woman with a cane. Eddie Guerrero make his debut against Dean Malenko and we still hate Disco Inferno, but love Pepe.

Colin Young and Rob Pasbani are lifelong wrestling fans, and Jordan Olds is a newer fan who has never seen one episode of WCW Monday Nitro. Join the trio as we chronologically watch the entire series, week-by-week on our new show, Knotfest KNITRO.

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