SHE'S WITH THE BAND - Episode 13: Melissa Cross - Knotfest

SHE’S WITH THE BAND – Episode 13: Melissa Cross

Posted by Matt Rushton in She's With The Band on March 1, 2023

Episode 13 of She’s with the Band, the show that aims to amplify the voices of women on stage, backstage, and in the business, hosts Tori Kravitz and Alicia Atout are joined by Melissa Cross, legendary vocal coach famed for training members of Slipknot, Trivium, Megadeth and many more.

Melissa gives some vocal tips for first-time screamers, and chats about the psychology and physiology behind the vocal technique, humility, how she started out coaching, The Zen of Screaming DVD, the music industry, the metal attitude and community, and the scene empowering women.

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