SHE'S WITH THE BAND - Episode 32: Alexia Roditis (DESTROY BOYS) - Knotfest

SHE’S WITH THE BAND – Episode 32: Alexia Roditis (DESTROY BOYS)

Posted by Maxime Cherrier in Series on August 28, 2023

On episode 32 of She’s with the Band, the show that aims to amplify the voices of women and femme people on stage, backstage, and in the business, hosts Tori Kravitz and Alicia Atout chat with Alexia Roditis, front-person of the iconic punk band Destroy Boys.

Alexia tells us about the very first arena tour for Destroy Boys and how the band are having to adapt their set to such huge stages, the impact of their lyrics on the fans depending on where the band plays in Europe, and some admiration for other rising bands like Scowl.

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