Visa fees to increase by over 50% for artists touring the United States

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in News on September 8, 2020

The Department of Homeland Security has said the change will go into effect starting in October.

2020 continues to be a difficult year for music across the board. As venues continue to remain shuddered and nearly all live music experiences halted with in return date in site, the forecast just became a bit more grim.

The Department of Homeland Security has announced that P and O Visa types that are typically acquired by artists touring the United States, will see a significant increase in fees starting next month. In fact, the increase over 50% of it’s current rate.

The O type is for “Individuals with Extraordinary Ability or Achievement,” and is currently at $460 dollars. This will increase to $705 and will allow the holder to return to the country within three years. The P type, which is essentially extended to family of the O-type holder, will increase to $695 dollars and will need to be renewed annually.

For anyone that has ever applied for a visa, the wait can be tedious. Thew news of the fee increase was also coupled with the news that wait times will be extended an additional 15 business days. There is however an expedited service that can be purchased for $1000 that will ensure a faster delivery of the visa.

There are still four month months in 2020 folks.