Watch: Deftones’ New Title Track “Ohms” off Upcoming 9.25 Album

Posted by Chris Hudson in News on August 20, 2020

After weeks of teasing and an extensive guerrilla marketing campaign, the long-anticipated new track from Deftones is finally here…and it more than delivers.

With a rollout that has served well in building a swell of anticipation, anything short of stellar would’ve likely proved anticlimactic – “Ohms” more than delivers. 

“Ohms”, the title track for the band’s ninth studio album releasing Sept 25th, is the first offering of new material since 2016’s Gore.

Long regarded as one of few artists that craft a refined brand of heavy music, Deftones one-upped themselves with a track that could arguably concisely define their sound. 

Kicking off with an eerie opening, the band takes a thought-provoking journey both sonically and lyrically, showcasing an important character trait explaining their consistent and decades long relevancy.  

The heavily influenced lyrics bang alongside sonically with a concern of global warming, “We’re surrounded by debris of the past, it’s too late to cause a change in the tides.” All of which are partnered with haunting futuristic visuals as a hyper-intelligent future being surveys the past ruins of our once great world while hands from the ground reach out to steal our cars and more.

While maybe not as hard as some had hoped for, the band never disappoints and this is no exception, exceeding on every level of sophistication. The songwriting is precise and calculated, leading to an expressive finish to the end.

This isn’t just a metal band, they’ve stripped the genre conformity years ago and they’re not going back, this is a band always atop of their own game. If “Ohms” is a taste of what’s to come, then Sept 25th can’t get here soon enough.

Starting on Monday, the band updated their social media platform in an effort to steer fans to their website. The profile photos for Deftones’ social platforms have been blacked-out and the caption directs users to ‘’. Once there, the URL changes to ‘’.

Additionally, the band hit their Twitter with an especially cryptic video that teases the words, ‘No you will never find me” cascading down the screen.

Then Tuesday they published a set of coordinates that sent fans online into a frenzy figuring out what the series of numbers meant, leading our Beez to unveil this billboard with a preview of the album artwork, confirmation of the release date, and the words “this is our time _we devour the days ahead”.

Finally earlier today, Deftones dropped the album cover, track listing and even offered a 30 second clip of the title track on Apple Music.