Circle 6 celebrates the barroom brawl with bands, blood and booze

Circle 6 celebrates the barroom brawl with bands, blood and booze

- By Ramon Gonzales

The renegade wrestling banner presided over a hellacious night in Hollywood that included violent no-ring matches and live sets from Deadbody and Upon Stone.

The latest installment of the Barroom Blitz series again took over Hollywood's heavy music (and hard drinking) destination in Knucklehead this month for night of music and beer-soaked mayhem.

Featuring the thrills of no-ring wrestling in an actual bar setting, the match card of three bouts anchoring the night. The confrontation saw combatants use everything from a pizza cutter to lime and salt into open wounds to inflict punishment on one another, while the rowdy patrons of the bar crushed tall cans and rallied the violence.

As the wrestlers battered and bloodied one another, it was not uncommon for the action to spill into pockets of the crowd, adding to the revelry of what felt like like a real barrroom brawl. Crowded around the action, fans were just as much a part of the spectacle. Cheering on the heels more than the babyfaces, this was far from your typical wrestling show and the concept is gaining traction with fans eager to see the shitshow.

Adding to the intensity of the intimate confines, emerging hardcore/death metal amalgam Deadbody saw San Fernando Valley's finest in the Brothers Young, Colin and Taylor, rip a furious set showcasing hostile AF selections from their most recent full length, The Requiem.

Further soundtracking the savagery, brutalizers Upon Stone joined the festivities with a set that only amped the adrenaline that coursed through the room. Flexing weighty death metal mastery like "To Seek and Follow the Call of Lions", the band's stock is quickly rising as one of the most promising in the space.

Check the gallery of images shot by Chris Mounts and Bradley Verkaik documenting the night of madness in Hollywood.

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