Liquid Death & The Berrics  "Murder Your House"

Liquid Death & The Berrics "Murder Your House"

In the wake of an unprecedented pandemic and subsequent lockdown, just about everything has been canceled. The shelter in place orders have touched just about everything in the modern world and skateboarding wasn't safe from the wrath. Leaving riders unable to skate, let alone compete, Liquid Death Mountain Water and The Berrics devised an ingenious competition that encouraged skaters to get creative for a real incentive.

The criteria was simple, "Murder Your House." In line with the branding of the water company, the instructions were simply to submit the very best skate clips so long as they were happening at home. This meant skaters had to find smart ways to transform their residence into their office space. The results were phenomenal.

The winners were brothers Dalton and Kanaan Dern of Apopka, Florida. In the following five-minute compilation, the Derns turned their home into an intricate landscape of rails and quarter pipes, even riding across the garage pool table for some added flex. The brothers ollie over their truck, slide down their roof, and even added a bit of pyro to complete their routine.

The grand prize, in addition to cases of Liquid Death Water, included 6 months of rent/mortgage paid up to $10,000.00. Combined with the bragging rights of "The World's Greatest Skateboarding Quarantine," the Dern Brothers certainly came up during the Covid.

Watch The Dern Brother's Murder Their House

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