MMA Legend Josh Barnett Helms One of Spotify's Biggest Metal Playlists

MMA Legend Josh Barnett Helms One of Spotify's Biggest Metal Playlists

- By Ramon Gonzales

During his appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience, Barnett detailed his Warmaster Workout playlist.

Since 1997, Josh Barnett has amassed a career of milestones that have solidified his rank in the sport. Competing at the highest level for every major fight promotion, The Warmaster has the kind of credentials make him one of the most important heavyweights ever.

In addition to lengthy list of accomplishments on the mat, Barnett is a tried and true ambassador in the world of heavy music. More than heart the occasional band t-shirt or selecting a heavy walkout tune, Barnett is a fixture at live shows. A simple search will fruit videos of Barnett in the pit for Goatwhore or tossing fans off from the stage during a set from Every Time I Die.

It seems only natural that Barnett share his love of heavy music with the world on a platform like Spotify. Taking over what was the 'Adrenaline Workout' playlist on the streaming service, Barmett is now helming The Warmaster Workout playlist and the selection is truly epic. From Bolt Thrower to Bathory, from Dissection to Death, from Amon Amarth to At The Gates, the curated collection is an impressive, multi-generational compilation of metal's very best.

Barnett was the featured guest on a recent episode of the wildly successful Joe Rogan Experience where he discussed how excited he was to take on the task. The video of the discussion can be seen below.

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