Skate legend and streetwear pioneer Keith Hufnagel has died

Skate legend and streetwear pioneer Keith Hufnagel has died

- By Ramon Gonzales

The global skateboarding community mourns the loss of one it's most respected contributors.

Trailblazing skateboarder and founder of HUF Worldwide, Keith Hufnagel, has passed away after a two year bout with brain cancer. He was just 46 years old.

The news of his passing has resulting in an outpouring of tributes from people throughout the global skateboarding community. Regarded as a consummate professional, a savvy businessman, a passionate skater, and an even better human being, HUF, leaves a lasting legacy that extends well beyond skateboarding.

Hufnagel was part of a pioneering collective of New York skaters in the 90's that would ultimately redefine the culture with their style and their influence. In 1992, Hufnagel trekked to San Francisco, ushering in a new era in the culture, shifting the epicenter from the East Coast to the West.

While in San Francisco, Hufnagel became a fixture in various skate videos for Real Skateboards. Hufnagel rode for the brand for more than 25 years.

In 2002, HUF was born as a storefront in San Francisco that not only produced it's own brand but served as a platform for other labels that Hufnagel developed an admiration for. It became a cultural destination, a landmark for the skateboarding community.

HUF Worldwide accomplished just that. The brand would become global and open it's own brick and mortar locations in the United States and Japan. The brand became synonymous with the earliest foundation of streetwear as it currently is today.

The word legend is often misused. When it comes to Keith Hufnagel, it's an understatement.

Read the official statement from HUF Worldwide below.
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