Stone Cold Steve Austin is getting his own docuseries from the producers of 'The Last Dance'

Stone Cold Steve Austin is getting his own docuseries from the producers of 'The Last Dance'

- By Ramon Gonzales

The docuseries is said to be released sometime next year and will chronicle the rise, impact, and influence of one of sports entertainment's most iconic figures.

In a recent appearance on The Chris Van Vliet Show, former WWE ring announcer Lillian Garcia revealed that there are talks of Stone Cold Steve Austin getting his own docuseries from the same producer of Michael Jordan's epic, The Last Dance.

Garcia explained that got the message from producer Jacob Rogal while she was watching his series on Jordan and the legendary Bulls-era in the NBA. “So when Jake reached out to me I’m like, ‘Jake, I’m literally watching your documentary right now. Like, this is amazing.’ Come to find out that they want to do a documentary for Stone Cold Steve Austin and it’s coming out next year. And he gave me the biggest compliment, he said, ‘Your interview with Steve that you did on Chasing Glory was what made us realize that we wanted to do a different documentary,’ because he’s had a few already.”

Garcia continued with the revelations, explaining that the targeted release date is sometime next year. The 3:16-era of the WWE was among the most memorable and really gave rise to a different kind of star. Austin was revered for his ability to humiliate his competition by finishing them with his patented Stone Cold Stunner, only to smash a few Steveweisers over their body in the ring in celebration.

Austin's timeless feud with WWE head Vince McMahon and his classic battles with The Rock took the WWE into a new stratosphere of popularity and vaulted Austin in the royalty of sports entertainment and pop culture as a whole.

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