Serj Tankian Bridges Culture, Community and Caffeine With Kavat Coffee

Serj Tankian Bridges Culture, Community and Caffeine With Kavat Coffee

- By Ramon Gonzales

The activist, author and System Of A Down frontman recently opened his own coffee shop which features traditional Armenian coffee and gives back to vital non-profit organizations in the region.

Serj Tankian is again asserting he is a true renaissance man. 

Following the recent release of his instant New York Times best-selling memoir, Down With the System, Tankian has now added entrepreneur to his ever-expanding resume. 

Located in Eagle Rock, CA., a suburb of Los Angeles, Tankian's latest endeavor embraces his love of coffee and his deeply-rooted connection to his Armenian culture with Kavat Coffee. As a communal destination, the brick and mortar location offers an oasis of music, art and coffee - the kind of place destined to become a neighborhood fixture. 

Kavat Coffee also proudly roasts a distinct Armenian coffee that is both responsibly sourced and traditionally true. Intended to introduce the Armenia style of coffee to a broader community, a simple cup of java conveys both cultural traditions and the importance of congregation - which are core to Kavat. 

In fact, the mission of Kavat is to better cultivate a sense of community through coffee. Aside from sourcing sustainable, fair trade product for the roast, Kavat also sets aside a portion of their net proceeds to give back to Armenian non-profit organizations like Tumoa Center For Creative Technologies in Armenia. 

Emphasizing technology and design, Tumo's educational program consists of hands-on activities, workshops and project labs focused on animation, robotics, filmmaking, programming, 3D modeling, graphic design, web design, motion graphics and more. This program is offered to some 14,000 teenagers throughout Armenia - for free. 

Boasting the comfort of a local neighborhood coffee shop, Kavat is yet another example of how Tankian continues to leverage his platform to nurture a greater sense of community. He also champions his lineage, taking every opportunity to showcase his Aremian heritage and share it with the world - now he is doing it one coffee cup at a time. 

Check the images from the grand opening below which saw Tankian (as well as some of his fellow band members) on hand to greet guests, take photos and connect with fans all eager to participate in Kavat's greater mission. 

All images by Maurice Nunez. Follow Kavat Coffee - HERE



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