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Serj Tankian To Publish Comprehensive Memoir, 'Down With the System'

- By Ramon Gonzales

The book is described as being "far more than just a rock ‘n’ roll fable. It’s an immigrant’s tale, it’s an activist’s awakening, and it’s a spiritual journey from darkness toward light."

Pioneering System Of A Down frontman, accomplished solo artist and championed socio-political activist Serj Tankian has announced he will be publishing a new, comprehensive memoir entitled, 'Down With the System' via Headline Publishing Group on May 14th of next year. 

The book will detail Tankian's turbulent childhood, being born in Beirut as his home country was embroiled in a violent civil war. The book follows Tankian's move to Los Angeles to escape the war and his personal story of growth, learning of the atrocities of the Armenian genocide, while navigating the culture clash of being immersed in American culture. 

Tankian also details his decision to pursue music, opting out of a promising career in business law. In fact, Tankian recalls making the decision to fully commit to music after having completed his LSAT test. 

The memoir frames an important story of personal evolution, creative achievement and social consciousness that all comprise some of Tankian's most important accolades. 

The multi-talent shared of his autobiographical foray, “I’ve had a blast working on this accidentally hatched philosophical memoir, as it’s given me the unique opportunity to dive deep into my family history, my own motivations from a young age, and lessons I didn’t know I had learned.”

Down With the System by Serj Tankian is currently available for pre-order - HERE

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