Hardcore hitters Highway Sniper premiere their latest pissed off EP, 'Greatest Hits 2 - This Time its Personal'

- By Chris Hudson

The Ohio three-piece debut their latest middle finger of an EP with 'This Time It's Personal'

The Ohio trio of Eric Egan (Heart Attack Man), Skylar Sarkis (Taking Meds, Growing Stone), and George Lucarelli of Falls Apart managed to deliver a gut punch of a EP with their Greatest Hits introduction last year. The three-piece swung a sledgehammer of sound with a 5-track curation of pure confrontation that resonated well with fans across the hardcore, d-beat, and even the Stormtroopers of Death-esque era of old school thrash metal.

For their second effort, the band is again delivering a 5-track firebomb that is equally pissed and overtly political in its message. Armed with a better understanding of the craft and a much more focused approach to their sound, Highway Sniper have gone from aw power to surgical strike.

The band's George Lucarelli explained the leap from 2020 to 2021. "The 1st Highway Sniper EP was recorded in my second bedroom at home with little to no knowledge on the process. Since then I’ve spent the majority of my time learning and focusing on recording so that we could develop rough demos and send them to Skylar in New York to record and bounce them back. I think the difference between the first time and now is that we are very aware of what we would like to sound like as a band. We are also fortunate to have way better production this time around. In short I guess what I’m saying is this time.... it’s personal."

Stream the entire Greatest Hits 2: This Tine It's Personal EP from Highway Sniper via Evil Doer Records below.

Preorders- http://evildoerrecords.limitedrun.com
Bandcamp- https://highwaysniper.bandcamp.com/album/greatest-hits

Highway Sniper · Greatest Hits 2: This Time It's Personal

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