Heavy Haul: Capra share the stage with legends on their 'In Transmission' tour

Heavy Haul: Capra share the stage with legends on their 'In Transmission' tour

- By Ramon Gonzales

Supporting High on Fire and Doomriders in Boston and a wild night in Brooklyn at Saint Vitus anchor the second tour log from the metallic hardcore prospects turning heads while on the road.

In our continued effort to highlight the rhythm of life on the road, Knotfest.com is offering a unique platform for artists to share their insights, in their own voice as they commute between various tour stops.

More than a behind-the-scenes look at any one show, the series of online entries offers a true depiction of what the rigors of the road can be - more importantly, the kind of pay off that happens when the band finally steps onstage.

From late night drives and local openers, load out, energy drinks, and truck stop cuisine, there is more grit than glamour that is often overlooked when it comes to spending days and weeks at a time in a caravan. Yet as the world gets back to a place when stages have come alive again after such a frightening stretch of silence, the concept of a tour log seems as important as ever.

For the inaugural entry, the metallic hardcore outfit Capra check in with their latest transmission from tour, as they trek across the county in support of their debut Blacklight Media release, In Transmission. Earning unanimous praise upon its April 2021 release, the band's fiery meld of punk ethos and metal heft results in a sound that translates best when experienced live.

In their own words, from their own perspective, here is what the road is really like for a band earning their stripes, one club date at a time.

Photo by Hilarie Jason / @hillariejason

We're currently in Canton, Ohio and have had an insane past few days.

Let's start with Baltimore, Maryland. We played with our good friends in Under The Pier and Shane Gardner (videographer) got our entire set posted on Youtube.

After that we hit Philadelphia and Boston. We were honored to share the stage in Boston with High on Fire and Doomriders. It was such a good feeling to walk on stage to a sold out venue and get a ton of new fans.

Photo by Tom Mis / @tom_mish

We left Boston after the show and drove into Brooklyn where we stayed with our good friend Matt Bacon. I think we showed up around 6am, got some sleep, and then ate brunch at Beauty and Essex which is owned by Chris Santos. We've officially found the best food we'll eat all tour. It was amazing.

Saint Vitus lived up to its name as being such a legendary venue. The sound, staff, and everything about that spot is fantastic The best part of the night was during our set and we had some friends hop on the mic for "Mutt" including Matt and Chris.

Photo by Fabian A. Mesa

After the Brooklyn show we drove through the night all the way to Ohio. It was rough and rainy but we made it.

Time to load in. We'll see the rest of you soon.

Watch Capra's set Live from Baltimore, Maryland below.

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