Premiere: Bitch Falcon Chart their own course with second single 'Test Trip'

Premiere: Bitch Falcon Chart their own course with second single 'Test Trip'

- By Ramon Gonzales

The second single from the band's Staring At Clocks debut LP forges their own identity and reaffirms the band deserves the hype.

In the thick of the rollout for their debut LP, it would be safe to assume that the pressure and expectation of a proper introduction would weigh heavy on Ireland’s Bitch Falcon. As one of the region’s most buzzworthy bands in recent years, the November release of Staring At Clocks registers as more than an ordinary debut, but rather, the kind of record that will affirm if band deserves the hype they've built thus far.

However, for frontwoman Lizzie Fitzpatrick, validating hype and meeting expectation has taken a backseat to crafting the kind of record she has always wanted to do. The band’s first single from the LP in “Gaslight” offered a definitive example of the kind of confidence the band was operating with.

A deft and dynamic delivery of heavy guitars and soaring melody, Bitch Falcon’s bridge of shoegaze and alternative heft could only be achieved by a collective that is sure-handed in their craft. It’s a reality that Fitzpatrick explains took some work. “We were essentially locking ourselves in a room for four days week to focus on making this record. That really forced us to get over the embarrassment of coming up with an idea and being told, ‘Nah, that sounds like shit.’”

Prior to working on Staring At Clocks, Fitzpatrick confides that her creativity was clouded by the notion of expectation. “I was a big Jack White fan and we kind of had this blues rock thing. I would play these too cool riffs because people had come to expect that from us.”

Arriving at the intersection of evolution and expectation, Fitzpatrick opted for artistic fulfillment even if it meant veering away from momentum the band had already built prior. Citing influences like My Bloody Valentine, Pixies, and Portishead, it was evident that while Fitzpatrick and Bitch Falcon had already generated a buzz, the band's potential was limited to public criteria - until now.

“We’re proud of the effort that went into this record,” asserts Fitzpatrick. “We’re proud that we were able to write the record that we have always wanted to write as opposed to putting out the record I thought people were expecting.” Arguably, its that sense of liberation that finally allowed Fitzpatrick and Bitch Falcon to tap into their true potential.

Reiterating that creative confidence is the band's second release from Staring At Clocks in the track, "Test Trip." Equal parts menacing and melancholy, the single showcases Bitch Falcon in full stride.

Nestled somewhere between heavy shoegaze and spacey alternative, the trio is operating with the dexterity that can only be achieved in fulfilling their own expectations, not anyone else's. Reiterating an identity that embraces indie rock intellect and delivered with pseudo-grunge swagger, Bitch Falcon are certain more than hype.

Check out the KNOTFEST premiere of "Test Trip" from Bitch Falcon below. Order the debut LP Staring At Clocks from Bitch Falcon HERE.

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