Premiere: Black Satellite indulges in the darkness with their latest single, "Void"

Premiere: Black Satellite indulges in the darkness with their latest single, "Void"

- By Ramon Gonzales

Watch the lyric video for "Void," the first track from the band's forthcoming album, Aftermath.

NYC rock duo Black Satellite have reemerged with their first offering of new music since their promising full-length debut, Endless.

"Void" asserts an auspicious start to the band's sophomore campaign for the soon-to-be-released record, Aftermath. Mixed by Ben Grosse (Marilyn Manson, Depeche Mode, Filter), the first single offers a glimpse into the bold, stylishly dark sound that has made the duo of Larissa Vale and Kyle Hawken such a promising prospect.

To mark the release of the official lyric video for the "Void" and the introduction of the next chapter for Black Satellite, the band detailed the what kind of headspace prompted the music and the heavier direction of the new album.

Void seems to be an especially appropriate song given these tumultuous times. Why kind of headspace was the band in when writing the song?
When we were writing the song we were going through a particularly stressful time. With Void I wanted to capture the feeling that comes after the initial sadness and anxiety--the state of feeling truly empty. As if you've run out of tears to cry and feel almost changed somehow. You acknowledge the newly found deadness and explore what that means going forward. It's this sense of contemplation and dreadful calm. Instead of trying to pull yourself out you proceed head-first in a desperately curious attempt to see what else can be found.

What about this “Void" made you feel the track was the best introduction of your sophomore album, Aftermath?
We think "Void" serves as a good bridge between our debut record, Endless, and Aftermath--sonically speaking. The new record is much heavier and definitely in the vein of metal and hard rock. While we explore many themes in Aftermath, it's undeniable that "Void" is the song we needed to release right now.

There seems to be a personal quality to the track that translates in the lyrics. Was “Void” more metaphor or did it come from a real place?
I think I touched on this a bit already, but Void is most definitely rooted in real experience and emotion. I feel that I'm able to create my best work when writing from personal experience. I'm not afraid to be vulnerable when it comes to writing music and I think that's what makes it relatable.

"Void" kind of indulgences in the darkness, is Aftermath similar in that regard?
Aftermath, as a whole, is a very dark album. Each song kind of explains how we got to the mental state explored in Void; the sense of constantly being beaten down and finding yourself at your lowest point. Void is the 8th track out of 12 on the record. Naturally, the songs following Void exemplify all the emotions that came after. Each song is a snapshot of the reality we were living in at the time.

The band paid tribute to Peter Steele and Type O Negative on the last record - any surprises this time around? While we don't have any new covers in the books for right now, we always love a good surprise. With Aftermath we created a record we are truly proud of and really tried to push the boundaries in terms of songwriting. We're always up for new challenges and opportunities...anything is possible.

Watch the premiere of the lyric video for Black Satellite's latest single, "Void" below.

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