Premiere: Jax Diaries shares epic Western-themed visual for "Come down to say hi"

Premiere: Jax Diaries shares epic Western-themed visual for "Come down to say hi"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The straight-forward rock single enlists the talents of Diego DD Cavallotti of Lacuna Coil.

Hard rock upstarts Jax Diaries has debuted the visual for their latest single, "Come down to say hi."

Enlisting the help of friend and collaborator, DD Lacuna, the track delivers a dose of no-frills rock that moves with a locomotive pace.

In much the same way the band takes to crafting their music, the visual accompaniment was equally ambitious. Opting to create a cinematic experience for the track, Jax Diaries executed a a music video with narrative - a tall task but especially tough to execute during a pandemic.

The band discussed the production and all of the moving parts implemented to pull off the finished product.

"Being able to shoot such a complicated video like “Came down to say hi” was a huge accomplishment for us. We traveled back in space and time and with your help guys we gave life to something that before us was just a pub, a place where to drink some beers in 2020 listening to some hard rock music."

The band acknowledged the kind of collective effort necessary to make this kind of a video during such a strange time, "We were lucky enough to have such a huge and hard working production behind us that made all of this possible and we will never be able to express how grateful we are."

In a relatively short amount of time, the band has not only mounted an impressive charge in the realm of rock but have overcome personal adversity in the process. Back in the fall of 2019, Jax Diaries was riding high from the success of their debut in "Shine On." Shortly after the release, frontman Jaxon Pezzi was involved in a motorcycle accident that resulted in an extended hospital stay. It was there, during hospital visiting hours that Jax Diaries resolved to come back even stronger than before.

Entering the studio back in March of 2020, the band began work on their debut album. "Came down to say hi" provides a glimpse into those sessions and the band's obvious commitment in seizing every opportunity possible.

The film-quality western-themed music video was directed and written by Frankie “Sad Eyes”, Jaxon Mario Pezzi and Andrew Asso. The video was shot and produced with the help of the guys in Lucerna Films.
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