Slipknot 'Self Titled' Takeaways from clown's AMA

Slipknot 'Self Titled' Takeaways from clown's AMA

- By Chris Hudson

From his most meaningful Slipknot song to Paul's backing vocals on self-titled, clown opens up as 'Slipknot' hits 25 years

 In celebration of Slipknot's 25th Anniversary of their self-titled debut, clown joined Reddit's AMA to reflect back and look forward on the band's continued storied legacy. Here is a quick breakdown of some of his more impactful answers.

(clown's answers not edited)

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Most Meaningful Slipknot Song:
Again you know it is virtually impossible for someone in my situation to narrow it down to only one piece of art. In fact it's not even something im willing to do. Every song plays a different voice in my head when needed. Music is the only thing that has always been there foe me. Most times I'll choose records to help me through my emotions and moods. I spent a lot of time with our weirder songs if you will, such as the Purity, Circle, Prosthetics, Danger - Keep Away so on and so forth. These sort of tunes are sort of where im at the majority of my time. But with that said theres also another side of me that requires (sic), the Blister Exists, Eeyore so on and so forth."

Paul's Backing Vocals on Self-Titled:
"If my memory serves correctly absolutely, Paul has some screams in there and as well as Mick has a part too. Great question"

Songs That Have Changed Meaning:
""Vermilion" Over the years "Vermilion" has changed colors in my mind, I used to listen to it from a possible Corey position and somewhere along the ride the color changed to more of my personal position and the words became more my words and I started seeing different things in my mind. I feel a lot during that song and express a lot. Its needed."

"Scissors" Creation:
"That was one of the great tunes that was written before we were signed and at that time there were a lot of crazy instruments based off metal like cans, kegs pipes. I had gotten a garage door spring and Andy Roul and I stretched It on a keg and he went up and down the spring on the keg with a pipe making what you hear so if I remember correctly that sort of started the vibe and direction where that took off. Beginning with this intrusment."


Playing the First Album in Full/Playing "Orphan"
"As always we've left it up to how we feel. Right now it's more or less scheduled for all things. But of course heavy self titled. Things can change at any moment but it is the time of reflection on the self titled album"

"If you think about it there are songs from the first record we have never played live. This in my opinion has been a problem for a long time. I personally would like to know we perform all our songs live for our culture. With that said those are goals of ours to in fact play entire albums from the beginning to the their ends and I mean all the albums. And as you know that is a lot of work. We have to carve out time to jump on that work load. Spoken about all the time though."

Rolls Royce Drum Grill:
"Everything I do has meaning. I've heard that in some other reality you have arrived when you have a Rolls Royce so I figured id let that reality understand my reality. Way better version"

Clown's Favorite Mask:
"all my masks are making up one concept so I enjoy each one of them for what they are for the cycle worn. No favorites, all voices.

Again, no way of picking a favorite mask within the brotherhood because at different moments in life each one speaks to you strongly. It becomes a necessity. Again no favorites, just voices."

Worst On-Stage Injury:
"Ripping my left bicep in half, causing surgery. Not Fun"

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A generation removed since nine masked outliers from Iowa first set the world of heavy music ablaze, Slipknot continues to redefine catharsis, intensity and authenticity.

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