Stream the Code Orange Mudbanger's Ball curated playlist ahead of their 'Back Inside the Glass' streaming event

Stream the Code Orange Mudbanger's Ball curated playlist ahead of their 'Back Inside the Glass' streaming event

- By Ramon Gonzales

Code Orange are leading the charge of an emerging generation of progressive, forward-thinking artists. Check their curated playlist featuring their contemporaries like JPEGMAFIA, Nothing, HARMS WAY, Power Trip, Jesus Piece, Greg Puciato, VEIN, and Clipping to name a few.

While the focus of Code Orange's approach to the live streaming platform has been their continued innovation in pairing the visual element with their sonic assault, there are details that the band tends to that should also be involved in the conversation.

What remains particularly impressive is that the band retains the same DIY ethos as they continue to make their ascent. Everything that the band puts their name on is something they personally have worked to create, develop, produce. Code Orange understand the complete presentation and that is why they are regarded so highly among a new, progressive generation of aggressive artists that set the pace, rather than play catch up.

In preparation of their third and most ambitious live streaming event, Back Inside the Glass, Code Orange have brought back their homage to the Headbanger's Ball era of heavy music. Developing their Mudbanger's Ball moniker, Code Orange has even enlisted the show's original host, Rikki Rachtman, to serve as the Master of Ceremonies in a pre-show that shares Code Orange's well-earned shine with a collection of emerging artists that are among a new class of creatives that are all pushing the envelope when it comes to churning out interesting heavy music.

For Back Inside the Glass, Code Orange has recruited Jesus Piece, Year of the Knife, and Machine Girl to provide live support. To further underscore the relevance of this promising new crew of prospects, Code Orange has curated a playlist specially for KNOTFEST highlighting bands that propelling the culture forward.

Guitarist and Vocalist Reba Meyers of Code Orange offers insight into each selection below and asserts just why the following artists are the ones to pay attention to.

Stream the MUDBANGER'S BALL playlist from Code Orange below.

Tickets to the band's October 31st Back Inside the Glass livestreaming event, along with exclusive merchandise and bundles are available - HERE

YEAR OF THE KNIFE - Virtual Narcotic

Meyers - I feel psychotic from this virtual narcotic

CLIPPING - 96’ Neve Cambell

Meyers - Storytelling in dark art at its finest

VEIN - Ripple

Meyers - The birthing ground of what’s to come

GREG PUCIATO - Fireflies

Meyers - A man of many styles and sounds that excels at all of them


Meyers - Young hungry lions


Meyers - Electronics and punk breeding together in a fresh way

HARMS WAY - Become a Machine

Meyers - Built of steel

POWER TRIP - Hornets Nest

Meyers - Rest in peace to a modern legend: riley gale

NOTHING - Say Less

Meyers - Past and present collide in a beautiful haze on this song of the year candidate

FACEWRECK - Don't Play Dat

Meyers - Pittsburgh hardcore none harder

ONE ON ONE - Man Down

Meyers - Pittsburgh hardcore none harder

BACKxWASH - Dont Come to The Woods

Meyers - A blend of many things we love

JPEGMAFIA - Free the Frail

Meyers - The progression of rap music at its finest

GRIDIRON - Can’t Hide Forever

Meyers - For when you wanna hit someone

NEVER ENDING GAME - Just Another Day

Meyers - For when you wanna hit someone


Meyers - Lucky to get to collaborate with these german electronic geniuses

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