HardLore: Stories from Tour | The Great Fast Food Debate

HardLore: Stories from Tour | The Great Fast Food Debate

- By Matt Rushton

Colin and Bo love fast food, but not all fast food is created equal... Especially on tour. They discuss the best and worst options while on the road both regionally and worldwide, culminating in a story about a legendary Christmas gift.

An important, often undiscussed aspect of living from tour stop to tour stop is the kind of diet that comes with being on the road. For many working class bands that are on a time crunch, are doing their own driving and have budgets to keep in mind, the idea of rolling into a new city to explore their culinary identity is cool... but most times not very feasible.

In between long drives, early load-in and cramming in several shows in a several cities in a 20-30 day stretch means getting a bite in the most convenient way possible. This results in a culture of fast, casual eating that becomes great fodder for debates among touring road dogs.

The latest edition of Hardlore: Stories from Tour pits hosts Bo Lueders of Harm's Way and Colin Young of God's Hate and Twitching Tongues in a passionate discussion about what fast food hits the spot best while living in the van. Who has the better chicken sandwich, Chik-Fil-A or Popeye's? Why does In-N-Out outside of California taste different? Is Whataburger really the Great American Burger if you can add avocado to it? These are just some of the talking points touched on in what has become the great fast food debate.

Stream the full episode of Hardlore: Stories from Tour with Bo Lueders and Colin Young below.

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