HardLore: Trey Williams (Dying Fetus)

HardLore: Trey Williams (Dying Fetus)

- By Maxime Cherrier

HardLore is joined by Trey Williams, drummer of the legendary death metal band Dying Fetus, whom we have officially dubbed "the hardest band to ever play music".

This interview occured just hours before their incredible and highly anticipated set at this year's FYA Fest, the preeminent hardcore music festival in Florida/the whole Southeast USA.

Dying Fetus has always been a band that can fit in any genre of extreme music, and tour with bands from Twitching Tongues to Hatebreed to Suicide Silence and make total sense in context, and their roots in hardcore run deep. Trey has been their drummer for 4 consecutive albums now, the most in the band's history, and we got to hear all about his journey growing up in Maryland learning drums to bands like Helmet, to how he eventually played for a band he was already a fan of.

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