A Gay And A Non-Gay talk 'Sashay To Hell' with HBFM

A Gay And A Non-Gay talk 'Sashay To Hell' with HBFM

- By Tom Dare

The UK's biggest LGBT+ podcast, A Gay And A Non-Gay, tell the LGBT+ heavy metal podcast about their documentary 'Sashay To Hell'. Plus the queer side of Autopsy's "In The Grip Of Winter" gets revealed, and there are HCGB jukebox entries from Volbeat, So Hideous, and Demonstealer.

Hell Bent For Metal are joined by Dan Hudson and James Barr from the UK's biggest LGBT+ podcast, A Gay And A Non-Gay. They join Tom and Matt to discuss their new documentary 'Sashay To Hell', which is about the non-gay side of their podcast (Dan, who likes metal), taking the gay side (James, who very, very doesn't) to Bloodstock.

The chat takes in asking Cradle Of Filth frontman Dani Filth the metal equivalent of the silly questions gay folk get (which, it turned out, happened), and why that, in the context of a documentary aimed at a much broader audience than just metal fans, is actually a fairly necessary thing.

There's also discussion of how much persuading James needed to actually agree to making 'Sashay To Hell' in the first place, whether James felt whether what he saw was representative of metal as a whole or not – and of course, how frustrating it was when, having made the film, "the pronoun scandal" happened.

This week's Camp Classic is the perhaps rather surprising choice of "In The Grip Of Winter" by death metal legends Autopsy. From which, much to even his surprise, Matt manages to find exactly the same thing to identify with as Tom.

Admittedly, it was taken pretty much as read that the queer relevance was not going to have anything to do with the lyrics, given they are about the exact kind of filth you would expect from vile death metal. Even with that gimme, however, the speed with which the same point is identified is impressive.

Naturally, along the way, there's an extensive discussion on why Autopsy rule, and how Tom ranks them compared to the obvious greats of the genre – and why he wouldn't necessarily compare Autopsy directly to any of the obvious Florida bands.

Plus there are three entries for the final regular visit of the year to the Hate Crew Gaybar. First up is 'Servant Of The Mind', the eight album by Danish rockabilly metallers Volbeat. Next up is the almost undefinable (not black metal, not post-metal, not symphonic but featuring strings and a trumpet… pick whatever label you like) New York band So Hideous, with their first album for five years, 'None But A Pure Heart Can Sing'. And finally, India's pioneering metal musician/internet chef Demonstealer (aka Sahil Makhija) has a new death metal EP, 'The Holocene Termination', and it's the last regular addition to the jukebox of the year.

And if that's not enough, the hosts also discuss their very first gig together, as a Covid-cancelled show in The Netherlands results in Leprous playing a last-minute gig in Leeds in England, which both hosts rushed to get to. Find out both how it was, and also how much trouble Matt got himself in, on #57 – Sashay To Hell Bent For Metal.

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