A look at Ivan Moody's fashion choices, and Gojira's metaphor for coming out, on the latest Hell Bent for Metal

A look at Ivan Moody's fashion choices, and Gojira's metaphor for coming out, on the latest Hell Bent for Metal

- By Matt Rushton

Tom and Matt explain how Five Finger Death Punch's Ivan Moody incorrectly set off their gaydars. "Into The Storm" by Gojira is revealed as an accidental pride anthem. Albums from Unprocessed, Clutch and Psycroptic go into HCGBs.

Hell Bent for Metal this week sees the return of the #YesHomo feature, where the guys take a look at some of rock and metal's aesthetic and fashion choices that they see as a little camper than they were intended to be. This time around, Tom and Matt look at the various wardrobe choices over the years from Five Finger Death Punch frontman Ivan Moody, seemingly attempting to show off his hetero-manliness as overtly as possible, but this being something that can often be looked at in the complete opposite way.

The hosts take a look at the several times Mr. Moody has been pictured in biker jackets and apparel, something often seen in the BDSM spheres of gay culture, something in itself many biker gangs would disapprove of with their hyper-masculine self-images (but then look at Rob Halford subverting that, lovely). There's also discussion on Ivan's choices of facial hair adornments in the past, notably the chinstrap/goatee hybrid which, along with his infamous eyebrow raise and general 'ooh I'm buff' nature, is rather reminiscent of the jock top in several gay porn scenes.

There's a fair amount of chat too about promiscuous dressing, and how people can make certain wardrobe choices because they want others to check them out and be alluring, and how Ivan with his vest tops and muscle-flaunting is the type of outfit and behavior often seen in the deep night at gay clubs when everyone's had a couple too many beverages and the randiness has gone up another level. (Disclaimer: we're making no implications about anyone's sexuality, merely observing aesthetics on a level that we're familiar with as queers ourselves).

This week's Camp Classic takes a look at technical death metal titans Gojira's 'Into the Storm', taken from their 2021 triumph Fortitude. This was a song which the song it dropped, Tom and Matt instantly knew they had to feature it as a Camp Classic in the future, given its very easy to spot metaphor around the process of coming out and making lasting change.

The guys try their best to pick apart the song but ultimately, it's the entirety of it that speaks to their queer side, straight from the off with the first verse sounding very much like the strength in numbers and the power and belief in oneself that it takes to change people's opinions and change laws around queer rights and equality. This is quickly followed up by a chorus that could remind a lot of people of their own coming out experience, with how freeing it feels to finally be able to live as your true self, and how you should take pride in that.

There's also conversation about other parts of the song which speak to themes of perseverance, self-love, and the whirlwind of emotions and factors to be dealt with after stepping out of the closet. And of course, there's just a little bit of smut. It is Hell Bent for Metal, after all.

After all that, it's time for a drink, and this week's Hate Crew Gay Bar yet again sees three additions added to its jukebox, this week in the form of Gold by German prog/pop/metallers Unprocessed, the latest Clutch record in the shape of Sunrise on Slaughter Beach, and Divine Council by tech-death troupe Psycroptic.

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