Bloodstock director Adam Gregory talks to Hell Bent For Metal

Bloodstock director Adam Gregory talks to Hell Bent For Metal

- By Tom Dare

The LGBT+ heavy metal podcast talks to Bloodstock director Adam Gregory about the fallout from festival booker Vicky Hungerford's offensive tweeting, and what they've done since. Plus more HCGB entries from Gonemage and Khemmis.

Hell Bent For Metal talks to Adam Gregory, one of Bloodstock Open Air's directors, about the aftermath of transphobic social media posts by Vicky Hungerford (booker and director for the festival).

In an in-depth discussion, Tom and Matt talk to Adam about what the festival's done to educate themselves about why Vicky's comments were offensive, and Adam reveals the extensive conversations they've had with members of heavy metal's queer community to further their understanding.

There's also an acknowledgement that the festival may not have done enough to keep up with the community when it comes to gender-diverse people, but that this incident may have had a positive effect by giving them the stimulus to learn and get better.

Adam also details what Bloodstock have done, or are about to do, to improve their inclusivity towards their LGBT+ community, and what they plan to do going forward. He also talks about what Bloodstock is and what it stands for, and how they approach their bookings – including as to whether they consider that when it comes to building a festival that's welcoming to all.

There's also a discussion about how big an impact the murder of Sophie Lancaster had on the people behind Bloodstock, the importance of their relationship with the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, and the frankly eye-watering amount of money they've turned down to keep the stage named after Sophie, rather than a sponsor's brand.

He also discusses social media, how you can never please everyone with any booking, which responses to the situation from the public were and were not helpful, and forgiveness.

Tom and Matt then offer their thoughts about what Adam's said, and whether their attitudes to the festival, which had been badly affected by the events of 5 weeks ago, have changed, based on what Adam had to say.

Plus there's just enough time to pop into the Hate Crew Gaybar to add two new releases to the jukebox. First up is the completely bonkers yet oddly immediately enjoyable Gonemage's new album 'Sudden Deluge', which is a mixture of black metal, chiptune and (possibly) The Strokes. You don't have to be mad to enjoy it… but it might help.

And finally, joining it is 'Deceiver', the fourth album from Colorado's kings of epic doom, Khemmis. It's a record that's described using references to advanced Tetris, and the novels of David Gemmell. But then what else would you expect from HBFM?

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