HBFM explain how a Napalm Death classic is super relatable to LGBTQ+ folk

HBFM explain how a Napalm Death classic is super relatable to LGBTQ+ folk

- By Tom Dare

Metal's LGBTQ+ podcast explains why "Suffer The Children" by grindcore gods Napalm Death is super relatable to queer ears, and there's a ramble through the reasons why stoner metal rifflord Matt Pike's wardrobe did not compute with Tom's gaydar.

For episode #88, "Gods Of Grind(r)core", Hell Bent For Metal finally gets around to talking about one of their favourite bands: Napalm Death. Not just for any reason either, as the grindcore gods' iconic track "Suffer The Children", from the legendary 1990 album 'Harmony Corruption', is this week's Camp Classic. The song turns out to be super relatable to the LGBTQ+ metal fan. Tom, Matt D and Charlie all see almost identical things almost immediately, and yet still manage to see them from entirely different perspectives, based on their own individual upbringings.

As well as this, there is an enthusiastic chat about what everyone thinks of Napalm Death (tl;dr:- they're fucking awesome), and an explanation as to exactly why Tom can't help but describe them in a very specific way. There's a full rundown of the myriad weird ways Tom's writing career lead him to watch Napalm Death, at least two of which you would never be able to guess unless you were at those shows with him.

This week also sees the return of #yeshomo, the semi-regular feature where the hosts talk about a moment something in heavy metal set off their gaydars entirely incorrectly. This time, the wardrobe choices of stoner metal legend and all-round rifflord Matt Pike (of Sleep and High On Fire fame, amongst others) is what's causing the false positive. And by "wardrobe choices", we're talking about his fondness for choosing not to go near the wardrobe for his top half at all when playing shows. Which, in the specific context Tom will describe, has occasionally confused the hell out of some queer onlookers' gaydars – including the host's.

Sadly there is no HCGBs this week due to a twink-related incident that's forced it to shut for a week (the full reasons are explained in the show), but it will be back with a twist this Friday – yes, Friday – as there is something cool as hell and fabulous as Heaven coming from HBFM that day. Listen to the end of the show to find out what.

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