Hell Bent For Metal discuss their albums of 2021 in latest special

Hell Bent For Metal discuss their albums of 2021 in latest special

- By Tom Dare

The LGBT+ heavy metal podcast dive deep into each hosts' top 20 albums of the year on extended special.

Hell Bent For Metal's latest special is a marathon run through both hosts' top 20 albums of the year list. They very briefly ran down the lists on the latest show, but for anyone wanting to hear more about what they've been loving most this year, this goes into extended discussion on all the albums.

While the show is in no way a "reviews" podcast, they still bring you two or three new releases they're massively into every week for the Hate Crew Gaybar regular feature. As a result, they've got through masses amounts of new music this year, and here they explain in detail why the stuff they loved the most was so great for them.

There's a huge range of styles across the hosts' top 20s. Matt predictably takes in some punk, hardcore and post-hardcore, with Turnstile, Can't Swim and Dreamwell all featuring alongside more aggressive metal like Carcass, as well as the completely insane like Moon Unit.

Tom, equally predictably, includes plenty of expansive black metal (and related subgenres) like Unreqvited and Sur Austru, alongside some devastatingly heavy brutality like Amenra, Ageless Oblivion and Hellish Form, and the power metal preposterousness of Everdawn and Powerwolf.

And obviously, because it's HBFM, there's the usual range of digressions, arguments, chuckles, innuendos, and running gags stolen wholesale lovingly borrowed from 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'.

Check the show out here:

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