Hell Bent For Metal examine Rammstein's homoeroticism through the eras

Hell Bent For Metal examine Rammstein's homoeroticism through the eras

- By Tom Dare

The LGBTQ+ heavy metal podcast explores Rammstein's interesting relationship with (both intentional and unintentional) homoeroticism, explains why a Light Bearer song about Lucifer speaks to their queer side, and puts gloomy albums from In Loving Memory and Dawn Of Solace into the HCGB jukebox.

Hell Bent For Metal returns to one of their favourite topics this week, as Rammstein are up for discussion again. (And for once, it's not just all about Tom's appreciation of Richard Kruspe's shoulders in the "Sonne" video… although Herr Kruspe's arms do obviously get a mention…) This time, the hosts explore the band's varying relationship with homoeroticism – which, contrary to what you might expect, hasn't always been entirely deliberate.

The starting point is, naturally, the tanned, shirtless posing on the cover of the band's debut 'Herzeleid'. Which inevitably gets compared to some of the male model troupes boy bands mentioned on last week's show. But it turns out that, despite our knowledge of Rammstein's work since making us view this album cover a certain way, all is not entirely as it appears here.

Irrespective of that, however, this is far from the band's most obvious incidence of wearing very little, oiling themselves, and implying that they may be about to engage in some sweaty, men-only activity. Which means Tom (confirmed Rammstein fan) couldn't go long without mentioning the video for "Mann Gegen Mann", which Matt (not a Rammstein fan) had not seen, but seemed very enthusiastic about watching later.

The comparison between the two pieces of work leads to a discussion about how perspectives and attitudes can change in the course of someone's life, and how you can work through instinctive prejudices society can inflict upon you. As an example, Tom recalls again his own internalised homophobia that he had to work to work out what was his own view on things, rather than just what he'd been conditioned to feel.

This week's Camp Classic is "Silver Tongue", the title track of the final, 2013 album by sadly-split-up London-based band Light Bearer. And if you're wondering how a 20-minute post-metal epic song, by a defunct underground band, that was part of a planned concept tetralogy of albums telling a story inspired by Lucifer and the 'His Dark Materials' trilogy, speaks to either hosts' queer side, then you're in good company. Because Matt has no bloody idea either.

Tom, on the other hand, for whom Light Bearer were a hugely important band, and on whom "Silver Tongue" had a massive impact, has plenty to say on the topic (standard). He talks about how the song's message was important to him as a gay man at a time he was particularly struggling with his queerness, and continues to help him at times of similar struggles nearly a decade later.

And obviously, there's some waxing lyrical about how Light Bearer were excellent and not enough people know how great they are. Because they're worth it.

Plus the Hate Crew Gaybar is open for business once more (those dastardly pirates have been seen out by the bouncers), and it's a special theme night for maudlin folk who want to nurse expensive cocktails and sigh a lot. Which is perfect timing, as Tom and Matt have a deeply glum pairing of albums for the jukebox.

First up is 'The Withering', the third album by epic, melodic death/doom band In Loving Memory, from the Basque region of Spain. And finally, the incredibly Finnish-sounding new album 'Flames Of Perdition' by melodoom band Dawn Of Solace joins it in the jukebox.

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