Is Homophobia in metal unique, and other questions, on the latest Hell Bent for Metal

Is Homophobia in metal unique, and other questions, on the latest Hell Bent for Metal

- By Tom Dare

The LGBT+ heavy metal podcast takes your questions, including answering whether metal's homophobia problem is unique to it, and what the queer view on hair metal is. Rhapsody Of Fire's 'The Mighty Ride Of The Firelord' is the Camp Classic, prompting a discussion on cultural differences that affect what's viewed as gay or not. Plus the HCGB stars Fulci and Insurgent. It's a very Italian show.

Tom and Matt answer the questions you always wanted to ask a queer metaller but were afraid to. (Which is sort of what Hell Bent For Metal is here for, right?)

The latest HBFM features a discussion on whether metal's issue with homophobia is unique to the particular genre and dissects whether or not the hosts feel hip-hop compares poorly to metal. It also covers why metal's sense of community, and the personalities it tends to attract, present very different challenges when compared to other music scenes – both in battling anti-LGBT+ prejudice, and more general poor behaviour within its ranks.

The episode also brings up a question on hair metal, provoking some strong feeling from both hosts, with both the masculinity and sexuality issues raised being the source of some… "opinions" that don't just get off the fence, but kick it to pieces and set fire to the remains. And while the hosts are clear they speak purely for the B and G bits of the acronym, they don't leave any room for doubt where they stand on this bit of metal's history.

The rest of the show takes on a distinctly Italian theme. The Camp Classic for the week is "The Mighty Ride Of The Firelord" by Rhapsody Of Fire, from their 2000 album 'Dawn Of Victory' (back when they were still simply called "Rhapsody", confusingly). And while it's safe to say Tom and Matt don't exactly see eye to eye on the music, there's a surprisingly easy agreement on why it's very much one for the camp collection.

This does, though, prompt a discussion on cultural differences that influence what is or is not viewed as gay, with some cultural conventions differing significantly between the English-speaking world, and with Italy.

This in turn leads to a chat about whether or not the things the hosts see in the Rhapsody Of Fire epic would also spark queer resonance for the hosts of an Italian version of HBFM, and whether or not certain general behaviours being viewed as being viewed as "gay" is a good thing or not. Which somehow provokes a discussion of 'Modern Family'. Because obviously.

Continuing the Italian theme, this week's Hate Crew Gaybar jukebox additions open with 'Exhumed Information' by Italian death metal/'80s horror movie soundtrack band Fulci, and then comes back to Blighty with 'Sentient', the debut EP from UK groovy metallers Insurgent.

It's a surprisingly Italian show. Still camp and brutal though, obviously.

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