Queer perspectives on Amorphis and Borknagar on the newest Hell Bent for Metal

Queer perspectives on Amorphis and Borknagar on the newest Hell Bent for Metal

- By Matt Rushton

The LGBTQ+ heavy metal podcast has two Camp Classics for you this week, with "Silver Bride" by Amorphis and "Voices" by Borknagar both getting queer interpretations, plus there are HCGB picks from Uncle Woe and Vorga, and chat about a show from Unto Others in Leeds.

This week's Hell Bent for Metal gives you a double dose of Camp Classics, with both 'Silver Bride' by Amorphis and 'Voices' by Borknagar going under the queer microscope.

First up is Amorphis, where Finnish death-doomsters turned prog-metallers' 'Silver Bride' from their 2009 classic 9th album Skyforger. Matt has been unmoved by Amorphis in the past, much to Tom's dismay as they're one of his favourites, but will looking at their song through an LGBTQ+ lens give rise to newfound appreciation and understanding?

The hosts have fairly different takes, albeit with some crossover, but manage to delve into experiences undoubtedly familiar to a lot of queer folk such as trying to find happiness in something, or someone, that you're not really feeling a spark with, before you've come out. They also talk about dreaming about finding yourself and inner peace, before being thrown crushingly back into reality, and all of this then culminates in a chat about My Fair Lady... it's Hell Bent for Metal, what did you expect?

They also throw the queer eye over 'Voices', a song from the latest, 2019 album True North by Norwegian Viking (citation needed) metal band Borknagar. Another band Tom loves, yet this time it's one Matt is overly unfamiliar with. What will be made of this melodic opus and will upset be avoided? More importantly, what's so queer about it?

There's two vastly different takes on display here, yet each host is instantly able to identify, and moreso relate to their cohort's interpretations. The discussion entails hearing voices and seeing signs following you around everywhere you go, whether that be omens that coming out and being true to yourself would be the best thing to do, moments that could catch you out when you're trying to remain in the closet, or voices of dissenters towards the LGBTQ+ community or even inwardly, with those insecurities we all try to outrun. The conversation also includes a very positive note in which one of the hosts details how much better and easier his life became when he was able to show the world who he truly was. Fabulous.

Before this week's visit to the Hate Crew Gay Bar, Tom and Matt have managed to go to a real life gig! The guys headed to see goth metal outfit Unto Others take the stage on one of the last shows on their 20-date UK tour, in Leeds. They report back from the spectacle, detailing how the Portland, Oregon crew blew the place apart, and if there's any justice in the world, will be playing much bigger venues next time round. Coming in with a setlist of 20 songs, including TWO ENCORES(!), over half their entire discography was played and the crowd knew every word. If you can, see this band.

Finally, for the jukebox this week, there are new additions in the shape of Striving Toward Oblivion, the debut LP form German cosmic black metal band Vorga, and Pennyfold Haberdashery & Abbatoir Deluxe, the third album from Ontario misery-makers Uncle Woe.

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