Sabaton on Sabaton's look: "Village People in camo pants" - on the latest Hell Bent for Metal

Sabaton on Sabaton's look: "Village People in camo pants" - on the latest Hell Bent for Metal

- By Tom Dare

Hell Bent For Metal are joined by Sabaton's Joakim Brodén to discuss how his band look really gay, actually, plus there's a Camp Classic from Triptykon, and HCGB entries from Kluizenaer and Allegaeon.

The LGBTQ+ heavy metal podcast invited Sabaton frontman Joakim Brodén to the show to chat about how Joakim's band looks really gay. Joakim agrees because he's heard him say so. On stage. Multiple times. Which may explain why Joakim accepted the invitation, and is on the show this week.

He and Tom chat about how the band's trademark stage gear came about, and how Joakim's distinctive body armour (something so identifiable that Tom's even seen the crowd offer him replacements when an airline lost the band's gear) has an origin closer to Tom's home than Sabaton's home in Sweden.

s how they started to make jokes about their own look, about how that has varied in how successful it's been in different settings, and – crucially – about how there's a difference between the subject of a joke and the target of a joke. Which relates closely to why Tom himself finds the joke so funny himself, and how he's long felt it's an inclusive thing, rather than being something poking fun at him.

With Matt back in the room, Triptykon's "Goetia" is the Camp Classic up for discussion this week, with Tom G Warrior's imploration to Satan somehow connecting on a queer level with Tom… even if he is scared Matt will think he's crazy.

In a curious tangent to last week's discussion about "Broken Cross" by Architects, there's another discussion about how a song relates to the hosts' experiences with dogmatic religious prejudice, and about how metal's relationship with Satanism can provide a useful tool to flummox aggressive hate preaching. But beyond this, they chat about how the song helps Tom understand why some people, especially those in metal, find Satanism appealing – and it's only through his gayness that he does so.

Plus there are two releases to go into the Hate Crew Gaybar jukebox this week. First up, Matt's picked 'Ein Abbild Der Leere' by Kluizenaer, a German atmospheric black metal band who are both impenetrable and terrifying (standard Matt choice, in other words). Meanwhile Tom's selection is 'Damnum' by Denver, Colorado melodic technical death metal band Allegaeon – and it's an album that's made him radically reassess the band.

(And yes, they know which number episode this is. You can help yourselves to a double entendre.)

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