Clown Chats Progress on New Slipknot Material and the Band's Writing Process

Clown Chats Progress on New Slipknot Material and the Band's Writing Process

- By Ramon Gonzales

Clown reveals details about new Slipknot material in the works, goes behind the scenes on the writing process, and revisits two very different, very important releases in "All Out of Life" and "Unsainted"

The at-length conversation with clown of Slipknot on Mosh Talks hits an important marker this week with some revelations about new Slipknot material that is currently in the works.

In sharing how the pandemic ultimately prompted clown to dive head first into his creative side, the Slipknot vet detailed how his home workspace has been ground zero for fleshing out many of the ideas for what the band will be doing next. Adamant about the communal dynamic of the band, he explains that until everyone has their say, the ideas aren't developed further until everyone is on board - that is how Slipknot works.

Hesitant to reveal too many details, clown also revisited the impact that the band's secret one off in "All Out of Life" had and how enjoyable it was to work in secret and surprise the culture with something new and disruptive. Inversely, the band laid out their plan in plain sight for the "Unsainted" release to build anticipation. It's a practice of switching things up and keeping fans guessing that clown views as part of the overall culture of art that goes into their craft.

Stream the insightful part four of the six-part discussion with clown of Slipknot via Mosh Talks below.

:29 - clown shares where his creativity has been talking him during his time off from touring. He has been retreating to a studio he has in his basement.

1:19 - In detailing the layout of his workspace, clown discussed how he is able to demo out Slipknot material from his home and work in an environment that is conducive to nurturing his creativity and comfort.

2:02 - clown discusses the rotating roster of guests that come through his workspace to collaborate with him.

3:25 - Discussing the work flow of Slipknot, clown reiterates that nothing is ever done in Slipknot until everyone has their say.

3:52 - 'The pandemic hit and it made me be creative and if anybody is mad at me for being creative, I don't know what to say about it."

4:18 - Pointing out Sid Wilson specifically, clown explained that the ideas that are being fleshed out are still not being developed because Sid hasn't heard them yet. As an OG of Slipknot, until Sid gets his say, the ideas are only just ideas.

5:30 - clown is reluctant to share details about what he has worked us thus far because he doesn't want to be held to any expectations.

6:12 - Corey Taylor has received almost all of what clown has worked on which suggests the wheels are most certainly in motion.

7:20 - Revisiting "All Out of Life," clown shared how much he enjoyed disrupting the routine and releasing the surprise one off. Though Slipknot had a plan as to how they were going to stick the world, no one outside the camp knew. Even the fans that were in the video had no idea, which showed the kind of love the band has for the fans in bringing them in on the track.

10:40 - Contrasting the surprise of 'All Out of Life" clown discussed how 'Unsainted" had a big rollout, as the world knew exactly when the song and video were set to arrive. Being able to switch things up and keep people guessing is something clown sees as part fo the art overall.


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