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Alice Cooper Unleashes "Dead Don't Dance" Video Just in Time for Halloween

- By Cori Westbrook

The video comes with a social media filter and an interactive Alice Cooper-themed interactive quiz that challenges the knowledge of even the most devoted fans.

Rock legend Alice Cooper has just dropped a thrilling new music video for "Dead Don't Dance," adding a spooky touch to the Halloween season. The single, drawn from his latest hit album Road, has already become a fan favorite and showcases Cooper and his band's dynamic performance prowess.

The video offers fans an exclusive glimpse into the life of Alice Cooper on tour, featuring never-before-seen backstage footage that captures the raw energy and camaraderie of the band. The release of the music video is accompanied by a unique social media filter available on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, allowing fans to virtually join Cooper on a road trip and insert themselves into the Road album cover artwork.

In addition to the video and the innovative social media filter, Alice Cooper aficionados are invited to test their knowledge about the rock star through a Road quiz, which will be available starting November 5. This interactive quiz promises to challenge even the most devoted followers.

Road is not just another notch in Cooper's extensive discography. It is a testament to the creative partnership between him and his band, which includes Ryan Roxie, Chuck Garric, Tommy Henriksen, Glen Sobel, and Nita Strauss. The album's production, helmed by Bob Ezrin, a longtime collaborator of Cooper's, delivers the signature Alice Cooper experience – a fusion of hard rock energy and theatrical flair that has defined his career.

Speaking about the album, Cooper expressed his desire for the band's cohesiveness, honed on the road, to permeate the recording process. "For Road, I wanted the band to be involved in the foundation of all the songs," Alice revealed. "I only see these guys when we're on the road. So, I wanted them to be as tight as they are for the show but on all new material. When you have a band this good, I believe in showing it off, and this is my way of doing so."

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