Bad Omens Scrap EU/UK Touring Plans Citing 'Extreme Burnout"

Bad Omens Scrap EU/UK Touring Plans Citing 'Extreme Burnout"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The band is due to release Concrete Jungle [The OST] - a companion release to Bad Omens' critically-acclaimed, The Death of Peace of Mind, next week.

Rock phenomenon Bad Omens have been on a skyrocketing trajectory since the release of their widely-acclaimed The Death of Piece of Mind LP in 2022. Amid a relentless touring slate in the recent months, the band have kept up their creative output - supporting the May 31st arrival of their compilation release, Concrete Jungle [The OST], via Sumerian Records. 

Introducing the soundtrack for Bad Omens' Concrete Jungle comic book series. earlier this year, Bad Omens dropped their collaboration with non-conformist Poppy with the single "V.A.N." - a colossal track that has since tallied millions of streams and universal praise. 

Last month, Bad Omens doubled down with a pair of new tracks boasting a versatile ensemble of collaborators touting convincing contributions. Teaming with Los Angeles-bred noise specialists HEALTH and industrial-leaning, cinematic EDM producer SWARM the three entities converge on a track that is equal parts unrestrained and stylistically bleak. 



Coupled with the debut of the So Wylie-remixed version of The Death of Peace of Mind" - the campaign for Concrete Jungle was in full swing with the band remaining committed to the road on their ever-expanding Concrete Forever tour which recently wrapped earlier this month. 

Though the band was set to begin a lengthy EU/UK summer tour next month in support of the Concrete Jungle OST, Bad Omens' ability to keep pace is seemingly in dire need of a refresh. Citing "extreme burnout" - frontman Noah Sebastian issued an official statement explaining to fans the need to cancel Bad Omens' upcoming performances in Europe. 

The statement can be read below. 

“I’ve been experiencing what can only be described as extreme burnout.

While all the touring and work that we’ve put into this album cycle the last several years has been so gratifying and rewarding, it has also pushed me to the limits of my mental bandwidth. Putting my mind and body in conflict with one another in ways that are becoming detrimental to my health on the road.

That said, after heavy consideration we’ve decided that we need to cancel all of our performances coming up this summer in Europe and the U.K.

This decision is in the best interest of my health and wellbeing, and of the long term sustainability of Bad Omens. We need to protect and restore all of the energy that will be demanded of us again soon as we transition into the next chapter.

We know this will be disappointing, but we ask that you respect our choice to put health first.

–Noah, Bad Omens“


Concrete Jungle [The OST] arrives May 31st via Sumerian Records. The album features collaborative tracks with Bob Vylan, Wargasm, ERRA, Thousand Below and more. Order the album - HERE


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