Behemoth Mark 33rd Anniversary With Performance at the Prestigious Philharmonie de Paris

Behemoth Mark 33rd Anniversary With Performance at the Prestigious Philharmonie de Paris

- By Ramon Gonzales

Stream the monumental Outliving Christ performance - the first ever metal show to be held in the famed Paris, France venue.

Photo by C.d'Hérouville / Philharmonie de Paris

Among extreme music's most progressive, forward-thinking flagbearers, Behemoth continue push the envelope in expanding their reach and redefine what is possible in the universe of heavy culture. 

To commemorate the 33rd anniversary of the band's well-established tenure, Behemoth took to one of France's most prestigious venues to hold court for a special, one night engagement at the Philharmonie de Paris. Appropriately titled, Ovtliving Christ, the retrospective set welcomed a sold out audience for an engagement that marked the first ever metal show hosted by the Parisian cultural destination. 



Opening with "Once Upon A Pale Horse" from the band's acclaimed 2022 LP, Opvs Contra Natvram, the band seamlessly compiled a set of modern era entries complimented enduring favorites and rarities like "Pagan From the Vastlands", "Messe Noire" and "Lasy Pomorza". 

Teaming with to capture the magnitude of such a milestone for the band, the show is now available to stream in its entirety below. Emphasizing the significance of such a standout showing the band relayed their gratitude to the fans for making the undertaking such a profound success. 

"Legions…It’s hard to put into words how incredible you made our 33 year celebration! Thank you to everyone who joined us at the legendary Philharmonie de Paris, whether in person or online and witnessed our reign of blasphemy! Outliving Christ will return at Wacken Open Air this summer."
The career defining moment for Behemoth precedes the upcoming summer touring slate which will see the band make several festival appearances in the coming weeks.
A complete list of live dates for Behemoth can be founds - HERE


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