Bob Vylan Previews New Album with Latest Single, "Hunger Games"

Bob Vylan Previews New Album with Latest Single, "Hunger Games"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The London duo will debut their full length 'Humble As the Sun' later this spring.

Photo by Ki Price

Following the success of last year's singles "Dream Big" and "He's A Man", London unit Bob Vylan have continued the rollout for their spring full length record, Humble As the Sun. The album marks the follow up to bend's acclaimed 2022 release, Bob Vylan Presents The Price and will be released via their own label, Ghost Theatre. 

Kicking off the new year, the band have shared yet another preview of the pending album. "Hunger Games" is the third entry from the LP and showcases Vylan's signature mesh of rock, punk and hip hop.

Elaborating on the socio-economic significance of the single, the band shared how the track examines the current state of affairs. "Hunger Games is like a rallying cry for everybody that’s sick of suffering due this economic crisis that we’re living with. 'Cost of living crisis' makes it sound neat and tidy but it’s a direct result of years of austerity, politicians that prioritise their selfish desires before the good of the country and a capitalist system that is allowing landlords, and big companies to operate unchecked. It talks about the economic hardships many of us are facing but it doesn’t just leave it there. It offers hope and inspiration. It attempts to remind people of the power and worth that we posses despite our financial earnings."

Weighing in on the greater themes of the album and the sense of rebellion that remains at the core of the band, Vylan explained, "This album is for the underdogs, the ones who come out swinging and those who refuse to be defeated in the face of injustice, and aims to remind listeners that anger is a fire that can be harnessed and put to use. The album creation started from a conversation with the sun, which is, after all, a big ball of fire that sustains life. From masculinity to myths about the G Spot, the themes and topics explored on 'Humble As The Sun' make for an often humorously empowering celebration of the peoples ability to endure, overcome and bring about change."

Paired with the release of the album, Bob Vylan will be performing live in select cities at Rough Trade locations in London, Bristol and Nottingham. Additionally, the band has announced a Banquet Records play in Kingston at The Fighting Cocks on album release day, April 5th. The intimate shows precede their confirmed festival plays including sets at Slam Dunk Festival and Sonic Temple in the US. A full list of confirmed dates can be found below. 

Humble As the Sun drops April 5th via Ghost Theatre. Order the album - HERE

All currently announced BOB VYLAN live dates for 2024
January 5th - Rockaway Beach Festival, Bognor Regis UK
March 2nd - Immersed Festival, Cardiff UK
April 5th - The Fighting Cocks (Banquet Records show)
May 16th - Sonic Temple Festival, Columbus, Ohio 
May 24th - Bearded Theory Festival, Derbyshire UK
May 25th - Slam Dunk Festival South, UK
26th - Slam Dunk Festival North, UK
June 7th - Mystic Festival, Poland
June 27th - Jera On Air, Netherlands

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