Brutal Thrashers I Am Go 8-Bit Berserk On New Video "Infernal Panther"

Brutal Thrashers I Am Go 8-Bit Berserk On New Video "Infernal Panther"

- By Corinne Westbrook

Check the latest release from Eternal Steel which features a brief cameo from none other than George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher of Cannibal Corpse.

In a unique blend of nostalgia and raw energy, Texan brutal death thrash band, I AM, has unveiled their latest music video titled "Infernal Panther". The video, reminiscent of classic eight-bit arcade games, is a track from their recent album, Eternal Steel. Fans of both the band and death metal as a whole will be excited to spot a cameo by Cannibal Corpse’s George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher at the 2:51 timestamp.

Edited by the talented Hunter Lenoir and adorned with artwork from Kevin Stevens and Anita Karas, the video can be streamed below:

Reflecting on the launch, the band conveyed, "'Infernal Panther' is one of our favorite songs off the record, so we’re stoked to bring some life to it with a fun video. Now we get to rip this song live for y’all this month. See y’all out there, freaks."

Their recent venture, Eternal Steel, has been a sonic journey, echoing the vibes of their earlier works, Hard 2 Kill (2018) and Life Through Torment (2017). Presented by MNRK Heavy and honed under the expert guidance of Randy Leboeuf, the album is available for fans in formats like CD, cassette, and vinyl HERE.

Renowned for their electrifying live performances, I AM continues to grow their fervent fan base. Their versatile sound palette ensures, as guitarist Reyes confirms, "You won’t mistake one track for another.” Their musical style, reminiscent of legendary bands like Obituary and Cro-Mags, carves them a distinct niche in the genre.

I AM's lineup boasts of Andrew Hileman on vocals, Tom Reyes and Chris Burgess wielding the guitars, bassist Erik Rodriguez, and drummer Brandon Busa.

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