CANDY Source Stellar Cast of Collaborators for Third Album, 'It's Inside You'

CANDY Source Stellar Cast of Collaborators for Third Album, 'It's Inside You'

- By Ramon Gonzales

Stream the bombastic first single, "eXistenZ" - co-produced by the band's Michael Quick along with Ben Greenberg of Uniform. 

Photo by Jason Nocito

Hardcore aggressors Candy have confirmed the follow-up to their lauded 2022 sophomore release, Heaven Is Here, with the news of their third and arguably most ambitious effort to date in It's Inside You

Principle songwriter and Candy guitarist Michael Quick worked closely with contemporary and collaborator Ben Greenberg of Uniform and Kurt Ballou at God City Studios to craft a caustic mesh of audio aggression - compiling 12 tracks that blur the lines between various subcategories of metallic heft. 

Further bolstering the band's brand of poignant savagery, Candy worked collectively with the likes of Aaron Melnick of Integrity, Justice Tripp of Angel Du$t, and Trapped Under Ice), David Gagliardi of Trash Talk and Marisa Shriar of Fleshwater among others to fully explore the true potential of their artistry. 

Offering an emphatic preview of the LP due out June 7th via Relapse Records, CANDY assert the musical muscle on full display throughout the album with the introductory single, "eXistenZ". Punchy dynamics, well-placed programming and pummeling percussion and vocal assault anchor the 81-second masterclass. 

It's Inside You arrives June 7th via Relapse Records. Check the tracklist and artwork below. The album is available for pre-order - HERE. Candy is also set to join The Dillinger Escape Plan for their pair of sold-out reunion shows at The Paramount In Brooklyn, NY on June 21st and 23rd. 


It's Inside You

Relapse Records

1. eXistenZ

2. Short-Circuit (feat. Aaron Melnick)

3. You Will Never Get Me (feat. Justice Tripp)

4. It's Inside You (feat. David Gagliardi)

5. Love Like Snow (feat. MIRSY & mmph)

6. Dehumanize Me

7. Faith 91

8. Terror Management

9. Dreams Less Sweet

10. Silent Collapse

11. Dancing to the Infinite Beat

12. Hypercore

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