Crown Magnetar deliver pummeling new track, "Prismatic Tomb"

Crown Magnetar deliver pummeling new track, "Prismatic Tomb"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The band's full length, 'Everything Bleeds' arrives next month via Unique Leader Records.

Colorado's practitioners of technical deathcore, Crown Magnetar, continue their relentless assault en route to the July 14th arrival date of their latest full length, Everything Bleeds. Following the crushing display of previous previews of the album, including "The Level Beneath" and the blistering title track, the band have delivered yet another haymaker with the third cut, "Prismatic Tomb".

Walking off triumphant from their recent conquest on this year's Chaos & Carnage Tour alongside pillars Suicide Silence and Dying Fetus, the still ascending aggressors assert a unique kind of focus and intensity on this latest project.

The band shared of the latest single, "We really wanted to show growth and add dynamics to our writing with 'Prismatic Tomb'. The song showcases the aggressive in-your face sound we are known for, but we also wanted to add depth to the release with this track. We don't usually write songs in this 'style', especially lyrically, but we are very proud of the song and cannot wait for everyone to hear."

Defining the band's punishing performative prowess, the Unique Leader Records release is arguably one of the most exciting of the year - standing out in the space of deathcore which continues to have an undeniable resurgence in 2023.

Crown Magnetar remain adamant that this is the record that showcases the totality of the band. "'Everything Bleeds' is easily our best work. We put everything we had into this release. 10 hate filled, punching you in the face tech deathcore tracks. We dove deep into making the album more dynamic but still keeping our signature sound. This record has more of everything we’re known for and then some."

Everything Bleeds arrives July 14th via Unique Leader Records. Pre-order the release - HERE

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