Deicide Deliver Blasphemous New Single, "Bury The Cross...With Your Christ"

Deicide Deliver Blasphemous New Single, "Bury The Cross...With Your Christ"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The brutal new visual was directed by David Brodsky for My Good Eye and offers a grim contrast to the spirit of the holiday season. 


Photo by Deidra Kling

Deicide have unleashed a brutal new cut on Christmas Day no less - a fitting move for the band that has spent decades as a pillar of blasphemous death metal. The track offers an auspicious glimpse of the band's forthcoming full length, Banished By Sin which is due out in 2024.

"Bury The Cross...With Your Christ" offers testament to the band's extreme Floridian death metal roots, offering a subversive, not for the squeamish take on the traditions of the holiday season. Enlisting director David Brodsky for My Good Eye: Music Visuals to bring the visual to life, additional personnel in cinematographer Allison Woest and special effects authority Kelly Harris help to create one of Deicide's most ambitious, audacious works to date. 

Speaking on the release of the track, Deicide frontman and legendary death metal voice Glenn Benton offered an ominous take on the single, “Welcome to the Feast of Fools and bow before your lord almighty the end is upon us….bury the cross.”

The single also heralds the band's next era, which sees the death metal OGs headlining the upcoming Decibel Metal and Beer Fest. The special appearance will  see the veterans perform a special set consisting of essentials from their most definitive works including  Deicide, Legion, and Once Upon the Cross.


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